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  • acrylic on canvas - 1049 views
  • Another team enjoying the day. - 804 views
  • A midday capture just before the golfers came out to their respective tees. - 848 views
  • Ian,Phil ( white shirt, Captain) and guests on the first tee. - 865 views
  • It was our Captains Charity Day last friday, and for the fourth year i was asked to do the photos. It was a gorgeous day so it made life a little easier. 18 holes, over 20 teams of four, and trying to ensure you capture everyone and using different tees, greens & fairways. Later on i have to show them on the large TV screen as a continuous slideshow throughout the evening meal and presentations. Quite a challenge believe me ! - 816 views
  • Lymm golf club to thelwall viaduct with fiddlers ferry power station in the distance - 965 views
  • Walking my dog Charlie down to the golf club in order to put my name on the competition sheet, lickily i had my camera with me and took this 'last of the autumn leaves' shot. - 880 views
  • A view from the driveway up to the Golf club. - 845 views
  • Looks pretty but it was quite cold, can't say i'm looking forward to seeing more. - 791 views
  • No golf today then? - 783 views
  • I came across these images in my Temporary file, no doubt we shall be seeing scenes like this again. - 886 views
  • Believe it or not i took these shots 3yrs ago, and only today i came across them in my temporary file !! This is the 16th fairway leading up to the green, it's steeper than it looks and it's ideal for the children to sledge down. They might as well make use of it, we golfers couldn't, but i don't think Augusta would allow you ? - 1056 views
  • Great atmosphere all round with the Captain shaking as many hands as possible - 988 views
  • The President:Vernon Wragg
The Captain: Dave Lowe
Past Captain:Ian Hebenton
Vice Captain: Dan Heaphy - 1164 views
  • Club members enjoying the occasion. - 946 views
  • A good strike by the captain sent the ball down the fairway despite the pressure of having all the members watching him - 932 views
  • Over 100 members turned out to watch the captain tee off on the first tee, and then compete in the competition. - 1011 views
  • Vice Captain: Dan Heaphy
Captain: Dave Lowe 
President: Vernon Wragg - 1113 views
  • Several lady members including the lady captain (extreme right) were there to make sure that everything ran well on the day. - 932 views
  • The new club captain Dave Lowe, with the new vice captain Dan Heaphy on their way to the first tee - 813 views
  • Mere Golf Club - 1011 views
  • Scenes from round Lymm Golf Course - 879 views
  • Entrance to Lymm Golf Club - 907 views
  • The Captain of Lymm Golf Club received a centenary plate from the Captain of the English Golf Union, Richard Palmer
  • Day on the Course - 651 views
  • Swans - 662 views
  • Day on the Course - 610 views
  • Club House - 660 views
  • Map of the Course - 948 views


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