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  • This splendid machine sometimes needs two experienced mechanics to handle it. - 693 views
  • Always popular with the spectators, such a fantastic piece of engineering. - 817 views
  • Chevrolet Corvette absolutely stunning in red !! - 1017 views
  • World recognised Rolls Royce mascot, always seems to draw a crowd. - 798 views
  • Not many cars in pink these days, why not ? i think it looks great , well my grandaughter Faye really does ! - 681 views
  • Just a 'grabshot' of families having fun on the day. - 697 views
  • Having fun when you can, that's what life is all about ! - 702 views
  • Wonderful mascot on the radiator of this beautiful vintage car. - 877 views
  • These guys were incredible, jumping off roofs and tables and doing lots of other stunts without falling once. - 743 views
  • Plenty to admire here.. - 684 views
  • Another car in pristine condition. - 657 views
  • This shows my age... I remember these! - 834 views
  • Still they keep coming. - 782 views
  • Mercedes cars heading for the May Queen Field. - 691 views
  • Preparing for the day. - 675 views
  • Looking forward to a great fun day. - 817 views
  • Just another capture taken from the bridge at the start of the day. - 710 views
  • Lymm Historic Transport Day - 1049 views
  • Vintage traction engine in tip top condition - 1262 views
  • Vintage steam engine, always a big attraction. - 699 views
  • Narrowboat nightime procession. - 642 views
  • Two beautiful horses, a lovely scene. - 665 views
  • I took so many photos on our lymm historical transport day, i overlooked this one of the actress Nikki Sanderson (Coronation Street). - 1014 views
  • Nick (manager of the Spreadeagle)and Peter ( obviously the town crier), were both having a good time here today, as we all were. - 582 views
  • Originally built as a horse drawn tank boat,Gifford now resides at The National Waterways Museum,Ellesmere from Alan Williams & Alan Taylors book "The Wheels and The Water" - 934 views
  • Absolutely beautiful car in mint condition...superb ! - 495 views
  • The people who own this boat were showing you the actual way to harness a real horse to the boat and pull it along the tow path. - 539 views
  • Winnie and his missus of course. - 505 views
  • A singer with a great voice, lovely music, free to dance and warm sunny day, what more could you ask for ? - 560 views
  • Mint condition! - 505 views
  • Great fun, the children loved it! - 509 views
  • 16mm to 85mm zoom lens is not the best lens to use for these biplanes, but it was the only lens i had on me at the time. - 595 views
  • Lovely cloud reflections on the bridgewater canal. - 784 views
  • Some people were actually enjoying the day ? - 2055 views
  • Beautiful vintage cars. - 514 views
  • Great to see, put the kettle on. - 476 views
  • This little roundabout was much loved by the children of course. - 507 views
  • You've got to admire the condition of these beautiful old fire engines. - 464 views
  • Another splendid example of a truly vintage car. - 496 views
  • A collection of the much loved Triumph Stags. - 514 views
  • This little bus got an awful lot of attention from the children....and the adults. - 526 views
  • This gentleman/ex soldier allowed me to take a photograph of him sitting astride this old war motorbike and sidecar. - 491 views
  • More participants turning up for the transport day festival, this time it's the scooters. - 508 views
  • Serious contenders for the best vintage cars groups. - 670 views
  • What to look at next... the mind boggles! - 522 views
  • Another beautiful vintage car to admire. - 517 views
  • Again, another busy capture on the bridgewater canal. - 702 views
  • A very busy day today on the bridgewater canal. - 701 views


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