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  • After an evening stroll around Lymm Dam with some of our Lymm Photographic Society members, we all decided that because of the poor light we would go down to our local pub (The Spread Eagle) and have a drink instead. I then decided to walk down through the lane which goes into the village, and spotted this...wasn't a waste of an evening after all, in my view . Incidentally, the beautiful golden tree in the middle of my shot is doomed to be cut down !!! what an awful thing to do. - 1003 views
  • A place to sit in the spring sunshine - 955 views
  • St marys church in the spring sunshine. - 886 views
  • Moon eclipse of the sun - 769 views
  • Taken during a walk around Reddish Lane. - 720 views
  • A low sun and a beautiful frost - 886 views
  • looks more like spring than autumn - 759 views
  • Remembrance Sunday - 744 views
  • A singer with a great voice, lovely music, free to dance and warm sunny day, what more could you ask for ? - 586 views
  • In the Sun 2 - 470 views
  • In the sun 1 - 517 views
  • Sunset taken in Little Bollington over looking the canal - 702 views
  • an absolutely beautiful tree. - 869 views
  • I spotted this beautiful tree on the bank of the bridgewater canal and thought it looked magnificent. - 808 views
  • Beautiful warm sunny day in March, after all the rain we've had it's nice to get out for a walk. - 817 views
  • In between the showers the sun came out and brought some lovely clouds with it, and then back to the rain and wind. - 888 views
  • A lovely dry sunny day for a change, so it's out with my dog and camera and see what the walk brings. - 1020 views
  • This is the most recognised thing in Lymm and appears in most publications of the village. To my surprise i didn't have a photo of it in my Lymm Set and i had to go back into my old files to find one !  so here it is along with a bit of info:

Lymm Cross is in the village of Lymm, Cheshire, England . It is a Grade I listed building.
The cross dates from the early to the middle 17th century and it was restored in 1897. It is constructed of sandstone and stands on an artificially stepped natural outcrop of red sandstone. Its shaft stands in a square pavilion of red sandstone with square corner pillars. It has a stone roof with a pedimented gable to each face and ball finials. Above the cross is an extension which carries a stone ball and an ornate weather vane. On the east, south and west gables are bronze sundials of 1897 carrying the inscriptions "We are a Shadow", "Save Time" and "Think of the Last". - 1183 views
  • November view across farmland in Lymm. - 916 views
  • Walking my dog Charlie down to the golf club in order to put my name on the competition sheet, lickily i had my camera with me and took this 'last of the autumn leaves' shot. - 835 views
  • Sun setting down over lymm dam showing the beautiful autumnal colours and reflections. - 899 views
  • This lovely butterfly flew into my garden and started sucking the sugars from the plums which had fallen and rotting. Afterwards it decided to do a spot of sunbathing, so i grabbed my camera and took the shot. - 866 views
  • Sunlight on the path around Lymm Dam. - 837 views
  • Sunny afternoon walk - 872 views
  • Sunny afternoon - 1011 views
  • The female Swan swimming on a lovely sunny evening at Lymm Dam - 753 views
  • Sunset on Oughtrington Lane - 886 views
  • A Lady Duck stood at the bottom of the lower dam trying to avoid the men. - 846 views
  • This was my view looking the other way back to the road, you can see just how low the sun is getting because of the length of my shadow. - 713 views
  • The end of the new boardwalk in lymm dam. - 734 views
  • Just walking my dog. - 919 views
  • Part of the walk around Lymm Dam. - 896 views
  • I was just admiring how calm and smooth the water was, when in came these three ducks that splashed down right in front of me! personally i think they added something to the whole scene. - 793 views
  • I took this shot whilst on my way up to Lymm Dam.I thought the sunrays injected colour into an otherwise dark, dull scene. - 793 views
  • Beautiful reflections on the Bridgewater Canal - 661 views
  • Another wintry view - 845 views
  • Broken ice and sun reflections on the Bridgewater Canal. - 1067 views
  • Taken at Lymm Dam - 946 views
  • Sunset. Taken in the fields between Oughtrington Scholl and the Bridgewater Canal. - 1068 views
  • Soaking up the Summer Sunshine by the Bridgewater Canal with Zippy n Zappy - 699 views
  • Soaking up the sunshine in August with Zippy n Zappy - 888 views
  • "Narrowboat life is great fun in the Summer sun"... say Zippy n Zappy - 874 views
  • Sunlight through the trees. - 880 views
  • Morning sunshine through the trees of Lymm Hall. - 988 views
  • Looking down into the Gorge on a sunny afternoon. - 895 views
  • Sunlight through the trees at Lymm Dam. - 906 views
  • Nice sunny day on the dam - 699 views
  • Taken on a sunny day at the dam. - 659 views


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