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  • Lovely to see the snowdrops, crocuses & daffodills coming back ! - 557 views
  • Beautiful bunch of snowdrops ! - 575 views
  • Nice scene ( i thought ) so i took the shot. - 644 views
  • I think i might just need my thermals on though ? - 558 views
  • Despite the dull dreary and cold day, these two were quite cheerful. - 603 views
  • Just a quick snap shot of the dam during this light spell of snow, pity it didn't last a little longer, from a photography POV - 773 views
  • After a light fall of snow, we're now left with an awful lot of slush. - 910 views
  • Pretty frosty plants that remind me of snowflakes - 461 views
  • A group of fundraisers had to turn back from their attempts to reach the Everest Base Camp due to freak snow storm.

But they still collected around £45,000 for the Children’s Adventure Farm Trust near Lymm.

The group of 21 took on the challenge on October 4 but were forced to turn back eight days later when paths to reach base camp became too dangerous. - 628 views
  • A view from the driveway up to the Golf club. - 703 views
  • Looks pretty but it was quite cold, can't say i'm looking forward to seeing more. - 645 views
  • No golf today then? - 634 views
  • I came across these images in my Temporary file, no doubt we shall be seeing scenes like this again. - 738 views
  • Believe it or not i took these shots 3yrs ago, and only today i came across them in my temporary file !! This is the 16th fairway leading up to the green, it's steeper than it looks and it's ideal for the children to sledge down. They might as well make use of it, we golfers couldn't, but i don't think Augusta would allow you ? - 896 views
  • This was my view looking the other way back to the road, you can see just how low the sun is getting because of the length of my shadow. - 645 views
  • The end of the new boardwalk in lymm dam. - 669 views
  • Partly frozen dam, but with enough unfrozen water for the ducks. - 869 views
  • Just walking my dog. - 810 views
  • Lymm dam frozen over. - 688 views
  • Snowy sunset across the field. - 908 views
  • Taken during the hard winter of 2010-2011 - 681 views
  • Cottages at the lower dam covered in snow. - 1039 views
  • Lymm covered in snow. - 776 views
  • The lower dam completely snowed under. - 678 views
  • On 5th January 210 business as usual in Lymm Village came to a standstill after heavy snowfall overnight. - 878 views
  • Snowy day around the Lower Dam in Lymm Village. - 742 views
  • A day in the snow in Lymm Village. - 1231 views
  • Sun coming up on Christmas Day morning 2010. - 1010 views
  • Lymm dam in the snow 2010 - 582 views
  • Lymm Dam in the snow - 587 views
  • Lymm Dam in the snow - 600 views
  • Sunrise Lymm Dam - 653 views
  • Red berries on a tree on Lymm dam - 666 views
  • Lymm cottages lower dam - 598 views
  • Black dog on Lymm Dam in the snow December 2010 - 684 views
  • Fantastic sky over Lymm Dam - 855 views
  • Light reflections on a wintry scene on the Lower Dam. - 626 views
  • Sun reflecting on the ice on The Bridgewater canal - 569 views
  • Dog walking in the snow - 615 views
  • Following the path around Lymm Dam - 817 views
  • Narrowboats frozen in on the bridgewater canal - 827 views
  • Little stream slowly working it's way to the Manchester Ship Canal - 466 views
  • A woman taking her dog for a walk after the heavy snowfall - 543 views
  • Young family taking a walk down reddish lane in the snow - 532 views
  • Group of people walking through the snow on the Pennine Trail. - 456 views
  • Rushgreen road after the snowfall - 458 views
  • Rushgreen road after snowfall - 444 views
  • Walking around lymm dam after the snowfall - 486 views


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