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  • Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington - 767 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington - 707 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington - 861 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington - 879 views
  • Oughtrington Lane - 1067 views
  • Sunset on Oughtrington Lane - 809 views
  • Didn't have my camera with me so took this outside St Peter's Church, Oughtrington, with my cheap phone and it's even cheaper camera. Posted out of interest rather than any belief in its photographic merit! - 767 views
  • Lymm Cruising Club on their opening summer cruise day to Grappenhall - 826 views
  • Oughtrington, Lymm - 966 views
  • Pretty flowers along the Bridgewater Canal in Lymm - 741 views
  • A Lady Duck stood at the bottom of the lower dam trying to avoid the men. - 777 views
  • A Duck flying up the lower Dam.
He had been at the bottom chasing the ladies. - 719 views
  • Competitors running by the side of the canal. - 756 views
  • Coming off the canal and going up Oughtrington lane towards the finishing line. - 731 views
  • All the runners are finding it difficult going up this hill, especially for the second time. - 728 views
  • It's a tough race alright! - 705 views
  • Still managing to find the strength need to get up here. - 726 views
  • Some runners still going strongly. - 589 views
  • Having their photo taken with Sharky & Wolfie. - 718 views
  • Time for refreshments. - 716 views
  • Children were running everywhere and having a great time. - 759 views
  • The Lymm Concert Band gave a superb performance providing free entertainment for everyone. - 872 views
  • The Mayor was given this lovely basket of flowers for his help and assistance in getting the race started. - 728 views
  • Wolfie & Sharky getting ready to have some fun... - 758 views
  • Having a sit down for a few minuets with Dad. - 826 views
  • Here they come.. - 778 views
  • Two more competitors enjoying the race. - 738 views
  • More runners... - 741 views
  • Great day and a great event !
The runners are on their way. - 738 views
  • This is the winner (i think),
I'm really too far away from the finish line to be absolutely sure ! - 583 views
  • Almost the end of the race. - 713 views
  • Finally they begin to appear, with a bit of gentle persuasion from the organisers. - 660 views
  • Drastic measures needed to be taken, the ducks were most reluctant to join us. - 640 views
  • Gathering around the lower dam, more and more families were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ducks. - 615 views
  • Lots of people moving around in the village trying to see and enjoy as much as possible. - 725 views
  • Even more people arriving in the village! - 639 views
  • An unbelievable turnout for this years Duck Race, despite the very cold weather. - 654 views
  • One of the stalls doing good business on the day. - 625 views
  • Crowds were really gathering now and going down to the lower dam to see the Duck Race. - 625 views
  • Just seeing the joy on their faces as they came down this slide was absolutely wonderful. - 795 views
  • These children were having a great time watching the puppet show, and the crowd was getting bigger by the second. - 859 views
  • Some sort of platform near the Church Road. - 852 views
  • This was my view looking the other way back to the road, you can see just how low the sun is getting because of the length of my shadow. - 670 views
  • The end of the new boardwalk in lymm dam. - 692 views
  • Partly frozen dam, but with enough unfrozen water for the ducks. - 918 views
  • Just walking my dog. - 849 views
  • Part of the walk around Lymm Dam. - 821 views
  • Another beautiful winters day for a walk round the dam - 918 views


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