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  • Another example of how beautiful Lymm Dam looks during the Autumn season.A lot of people seem to like this photo, i've had over 20,000 hits on - 983 views
  • fallen leaves and beech nut shells make a lovely carpet of gold. - 1100 views
  • just another view from the pennine trail, we're so lucky to live in lymm. - 772 views
  • striking silver bark on these trees together with their muti coloured leaves make this small area on the pennine trail worth another look. - 827 views
  • looks more like spring than autumn - 680 views
  • He's always wondering why i've stopped? - 844 views
  • wonderful colours to see and appreciate in this glorious season. - 690 views
  • Lots of butterflies to be seen along the pennine trail just now, i saw red admirals,tortoiseshells,peacocks,as well as many more. - 715 views
  • Macro capture of one of the red begonias in my garden. - 596 views
  • This beautiful looking caterpillar was happily chewing the leaves on one of my rose bushes so i decided to photograph it and find out what it is. Apparently it is known as the Grey Dagger Moth when it develops. - 631 views
  • Another few images of Lymm dam - 922 views
  • Canal at Dog Bridge - 581 views
  • Old Mill at Heatley - 667 views
  • Harvesting - 610 views
  • Couldn't help but notice this lovely young lady in a striking red dress... - 702 views
  • Local fields full of broad beans, there must be a big demand for them? - 632 views
  • I took so many photos on our lymm historical transport day, i overlooked this one of the actress Nikki Sanderson (Coronation Street). - 961 views
  • Acrylic on canvas
acrylic on canvas - 1219 views
  • Nick (manager of the Spreadeagle)and Peter ( obviously the town crier), were both having a good time here today, as we all were. - 560 views
  • Originally built as a horse drawn tank boat,Gifford now resides at The National Waterways Museum,Ellesmere from Alan Williams & Alan Taylors book "The Wheels and The Water" - 887 views
  • Absolutely beautiful car in mint condition...superb ! - 470 views
  • The people who own this boat were showing you the actual way to harness a real horse to the boat and pull it along the tow path. - 513 views
  • Winnie and his missus of course. - 481 views
  • A singer with a great voice, lovely music, free to dance and warm sunny day, what more could you ask for ? - 535 views
  • Mint condition! - 477 views
  • Great fun, the children loved it! - 478 views
  • 16mm to 85mm zoom lens is not the best lens to use for these biplanes, but it was the only lens i had on me at the time. - 567 views
  • Lovely cloud reflections on the bridgewater canal. - 746 views
  • Some people were actually enjoying the day ? - 2030 views
  • Beautiful vintage cars. - 484 views
  • Great to see, put the kettle on. - 450 views
  • This little roundabout was much loved by the children of course. - 481 views
  • You've got to admire the condition of these beautiful old fire engines. - 443 views
  • Another splendid example of a truly vintage car. - 472 views
  • A collection of the much loved Triumph Stags. - 488 views
  • This little bus got an awful lot of attention from the children....and the adults. - 504 views
  • This gentleman/ex soldier allowed me to take a photograph of him sitting astride this old war motorbike and sidecar. - 465 views
  • More participants turning up for the transport day festival, this time it's the scooters. - 479 views
  • Serious contenders for the best vintage cars groups. - 628 views
  • What to look at next... the mind boggles! - 491 views
  • Another beautiful vintage car to admire. - 489 views
  • Again, another busy capture on the bridgewater canal. - 661 views
  • A very busy day today on the bridgewater canal. - 661 views
  • These little boys really loved the tractors, it was a pleasure to see their faces. - 492 views
  • People relaxing and having a quiet drink. - 622 views
  • People making their way up to the May Field. - 1131 views
  • Wonderful looking vintage cars, perfect for a brides ride to church. - 690 views
  • Fabulous collection of motorbikes on display. - 494 views


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