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  • Another capture of the stunning canola fields around the village just now. - 738 views
  • View looking towards one of the older buildings alongside the Bridgewater Canal. - 776 views
  • Lots of mayflies were flying around the Hawthorn Blossom while i was taking this shot, but suprisingly no bees! - 815 views
  • Young family enjoying a stroll on the canal - 727 views
  • Three ducklings in the sun - 822 views
  • Even ducklings need to stretch after lazing in the sun - 835 views
  • 3 baby ducklings with mom - 935 views
  • Mother and baby ducks - 873 views
  • Lovely area and was rather full with all the rain. - 751 views
  • On the towpath of the Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington. Opposite Spud Wood. - 811 views
  • Yellow & blue, great colours when seen together. - 744 views
  • Lovely colours in this local field. - 794 views
  • Lots of stalls selling all sorts of things around the playing field.These cakes were gorgeous, i bought six, hope to see them at the Food Fest! - 844 views
  • Just look at the enjoyment!! - 721 views
  • Joining in the fun and having their photo taken with lots of different people. - 831 views
  • You need good eyesight here, I was a long way away though. - 793 views
  • Running past the fields with St Peters Church in the background. - 1061 views
  • Runners keeping to the path alongside the Bridgewater Canal. - 825 views
  • Running alongside the Bridgwater canal in the 2012 10K. - 761 views
  • More runners! - 793 views
  • Racing past the schools rugby posts on their way out to the road and village. - 819 views
  • These runners were intent on a fast race. - 707 views
  • Great day and a great race, these are a few of the competitiors in the main bunch. - 784 views
  • Sunset across the ploughed field. - 1163 views
  • A very close thing, but this athlete just had the edge! - 903 views
  • Just look at those smiling faces - 878 views
  • Hearts like lions, they all gave it their best. - 865 views
  • The start of the fun race. - 841 views
  • All the junior runners gathering together in preparation for the start. - 869 views
  • Angler enjoying the sunshine at Lymm Dam. - 793 views
  • Walking in to Lymm along the towpath and was attracted by the shape of the tree, the clouds behind it and the reflection in the canal. - 1086 views
  • Mayor & mayoress of Warrington there to wish good luck to everyone and enjoying the day - 972 views
  • Parents registering their children for the Fun Run - 1746 views
  • taken on a rainy day, the sun came out and produced a very rare sight, a double rainbow - 1026 views
  • taken during summer 2011, bumper crop and a nice day. - 855 views
  • This amusement was quite busy too, and it was a chance to shelter from the rain for a little while. - 800 views
  • People making their way back home after a very wet, but enjoyable Duck Race day. - 837 views
  • Lots of people with children & their pets walking around the village centre. - 802 views
  • The ducks are now reaching the finishing line, with a white mallard showing them the way. - 717 views
  • Looking down onto the huge crowd filling the village centre. - 896 views
  • Organisers releasing the ducks further upstream. - 752 views
  • Even more choice of good food available. - 784 views
  • Another great attraction for the children, and a good excuse for the adults to have a go. - 776 views
  • Another great stall for some hot food with a difference. - 748 views
  • Beautiful display of colourful flowers cheered us all up. - 713 views
  • Plenty of action around this stall - 681 views
  • This attraction drew a lot of budding David Beckhams - 710 views
  • People making their way into the village to enjoy the food, entertainment and watch the 2012 Duck Race - 778 views


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