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  • Just a 'grabshot' of families having fun on the day. - 802 views
  • Preparing for the day. - 768 views
  • Looking forward to a great fun day. - 920 views
  • I'll bet he did too ! - 800 views
  • Me playing around in Photoshop.This image has been viewed by over 8,500 people on Flickr, nice to know someone likes it as well as me ! - 752 views
  • Another example of how beautiful Lymm Dam looks during the Autumn season.A lot of people seem to like this photo, i've had over 20,000 hits on - 1132 views
  • Couldn't help but notice this lovely young lady in a striking red dress... - 795 views
  • Craig Cash and Gloria, landlady at the Bull's Head - 998 views
  • The people who own this boat were showing you the actual way to harness a real horse to the boat and pull it along the tow path. - 617 views
  • Some people were actually enjoying the day ? - 2126 views
  • People relaxing and having a quiet drink. - 707 views
  • People making their way up to the May Field. - 1220 views
  • From here you can see some of the boats as well as people enjoying themselves in the newly refurbished golden fleece garden - 823 views
  • Plenty to see on the Bridgewater canal today. - 790 views
  • These beautiful old steamrollers brought back some very happy memories for people, including me ! - 629 views
  • Good to see people willing to dress up and participate in the fun. - 669 views
  • A showery day but excellent for a good walk to blow away the cobwebs - 1053 views
  • One of the people dressed in dickensian costume to give added impact to the event. - 1113 views
  • It was impossible to take a full shot of this beautiful boat, partly because of where it was moored and partly because of the huge amount of people coming and going who were interested in it, so decided to take a bow and stern shot and put them together, works for me. - 1046 views
  • This is the winner (i think),
I'm really too far away from the finish line to be absolutely sure ! - 664 views
  • Almost the end of the race. - 796 views
  • Finally they begin to appear, with a bit of gentle persuasion from the organisers. - 741 views
  • Drastic measures needed to be taken, the ducks were most reluctant to join us. - 711 views
  • Gathering around the lower dam, more and more families were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ducks. - 704 views
  • Lots of people moving around in the village trying to see and enjoy as much as possible. - 816 views
  • Even more people arriving in the village! - 719 views
  • An unbelievable turnout for this years Duck Race, despite the very cold weather. - 747 views
  • One of the stalls doing good business on the day. - 698 views
  • Crowds were really gathering now and going down to the lower dam to see the Duck Race. - 716 views
  • I took this shot whilst on my way up to Lymm Dam.I thought the sunrays injected colour into an otherwise dark, dull scene. - 837 views
  • Tour of Britain 2012 - 839 views
  • Still got the reg but sadly not the car. - 841 views
  • They looked so peaceful and relaxed, I couldn't resist taking a shot. - 1048 views
  • Steve Griffiths being presented with a cheque for £500 as a free donation,from Sandra Baines wife of the President of Domville Lodge Freemasons. On the left of the picture is Su Williams (Lymm Parish Councillor) and sat down with a lovely smile on her face,is one of the members of Lymm Youth and Community Centre. Steve devotes an incredible amount of his time to further the aims and interests of the centre and he'll put that money to very good use. - 1106 views
  • Lots of mayflies were flying around the Hawthorn Blossom while i was taking this shot, but suprisingly no bees! - 833 views
  • Joining in the fun and having their photo taken with lots of different people. - 852 views
  • Not just Lymm runners, but people from all over came for this charity race. It was an excellent turn out. - 1123 views
  • All the junior runners gathering together in preparation for the start. - 886 views
  • Mayor & mayoress of Warrington there to wish good luck to everyone and enjoying the day - 992 views
  • This amusement was quite busy too, and it was a chance to shelter from the rain for a little while. - 817 views
  • People making their way back home after a very wet, but enjoyable Duck Race day. - 860 views
  • Lots of people with children & their pets walking around the village centre. - 820 views
  • Looking down onto the huge crowd filling the village centre. - 912 views
  • Even more choice of good food available. - 798 views
  • Another great attraction for the children, and a good excuse for the adults to have a go. - 792 views
  • Another great stall for some hot food with a difference. - 763 views
  • People making their way into the village to enjoy the food, entertainment and watch the 2012 Duck Race - 792 views
  • The President:Vernon Wragg
The Captain: Dave Lowe
Past Captain:Ian Hebenton
Vice Captain: Dan Heaphy - 1175 views


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