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  • Three photographers with some serious bits of equipment were settled down for a photo session of a crested grebe on it's nest and anything else that happened by. - 869 views
  • This beautiful plant was given to my wife by a good friend, it is fabulous ! - 727 views
  • Pretty frosty plants that remind me of snowflakes - 576 views
  • Forsty Oak Leave - 845 views
  • wonderful colours to see and appreciate in this glorious season. - 804 views
  • Lots of butterflies to be seen along the pennine trail just now, i saw red admirals,tortoiseshells,peacocks,as well as many more. - 836 views
  • Macro capture of one of the red begonias in my garden. - 712 views
  • This beautiful looking caterpillar was happily chewing the leaves on one of my rose bushes so i decided to photograph it and find out what it is. Apparently it is known as the Grey Dagger Moth when it develops. - 753 views
  • Just walking along the pennine trail with my dog Charlie, when this butterfly flew past me.Luckily i had my camera with me and managed to take a shot before it flew off again. It's the first one i've seen this year ! - 750 views
  • Swans on the canal in lymm village. After mating - 864 views
  • Just another shot of a tree standing on its' own, to me it's a statement saying "i'm not one of the crowd"...i suppose you could call me a tree lover ! - 882 views
  • This lovely butterfly flew into my garden and started sucking the sugars from the plums which had fallen and rotting. Afterwards it decided to do a spot of sunbathing, so i grabbed my camera and took the shot. - 913 views
  • The white duck on the lower dam flapping - 1334 views
  • Close up one the swan having a wash - 949 views
  • Swan at Lymm Dam having a wash - 1024 views
  • Swan at Lymm Dam having a big wash - 1148 views
  • A cute yellow duckling having an itch - 1004 views
  • Close up of mum's feathers in the evening light - 741 views
  • A cute fluffy cygnet having a swim - 737 views
  • One of the Cygnets having a rest - 739 views
  • Female Swan in the lovely evening light - 731 views
  • One of the 8 Cygnets having a wash - 682 views
  • The female Swan swimming on a lovely sunny evening at Lymm Dam - 783 views
  • The Female Grebe on the nest at Lymm Dam - 739 views
  • One of the fluffy cygnets having a nap - 704 views
  • One of the Cygnets walking up some twigs with his little wings sticking out. - 756 views
  • Part of the walk around Lymm Dam. - 940 views
  • For those who don't know the area,this lovely little bridge can be found in Lymm Dam. - 828 views
  • I was just admiring how calm and smooth the water was, when in came these three ducks that splashed down right in front of me! personally i think they added something to the whole scene. - 826 views
  • Pastel painting - 1073 views
  • Just another autumnal capture of our beautiful Lymm Damm. - 1346 views
  • View over fields near St Peter's Church, Lymm - 1138 views
  • Sunlight through the trees. - 925 views
  • Morning sunshine through the trees of Lymm Hall. - 1034 views
  • Sunlight through the trees at Lymm Dam. - 949 views
  • The view from the steps to St Mary's overlooking Lymm Dam in summertime. - 787 views
  • Springtime blossoms and buds. - 839 views
  • A extreme flower close up. - 787 views
  • A view of Lymm Dam. - 843 views
  • The female Grebe sat on the nest. - 774 views
  • A close up of a very pretty flower. - 791 views
  • Lovely colours in this local field. - 800 views
  • White Chrysanthemum close up - 632 views
  • lillies seen in a garden in lymm. - 633 views
  • Pathway to the Wishing Bridge with sunlight through the trees. - 865 views
  • Pale yellow Primroses peeping out of last year's leaves. - 777 views
  • Could'nt resist this little fella' as he posed for the camera. - 809 views
  • Spot the squirrel snuggled down under the tree. - 904 views


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