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  • Acrylic on canvas - 1221 views
  • EDWARDIAN GARDEN PARTY AT LYMM-HALL  Acrylic on canvas - 1369 views
  • On my way down to the pub, i thought this scene looked nice, so i took the shot. - 1372 views
  • After an evening stroll around Lymm Dam with some of our Lymm Photographic Society members, we all decided that because of the poor light we would go down to our local pub (The Spread Eagle) and have a drink instead. I then decided to walk down through the lane which goes into the village, and spotted this...wasn't a waste of an evening after all, in my view . Incidentally, the beautiful golden tree in the middle of my shot is doomed to be cut down !!! what an awful thing to do. - 1062 views
  • A traditional event held annualy in our village, when restaurants,pubs,confectioners,butchers,bakers & cafes etc, get together in the main street and  serve English, as well as
Italian,Chinese,Turkish,Spanish and many other types of food so we can all sample a little of each or a lot of the ones you like most. I'll post more pictures later today, Hope you like them. - 1276 views
  • These guys did a great job, keeping the village clean & tidy as well as helping out with lots of things, well done ! - 958 views
  • I'll bet he did too ! - 771 views
  • Painting - acrylic - 1179 views
  • St marys church in the spring sunshine. - 919 views
  • The old photo is from a good friend of mine, asnd the new version is my own. - 882 views
  • Not very often you have this view without traffic. - 1005 views
  • Another day in the village. - 920 views
  • I think i might just need my thermals on though ? - 700 views
  • Despite the dull dreary and cold day, these two were quite cheerful. - 751 views
  • Just a quick snap shot of the dam during this light spell of snow, pity it didn't last a little longer, from a photography POV - 934 views
  • After a light fall of snow, we're now left with an awful lot of slush. - 1055 views
  • View along the transpennine trail towards the village - 905 views
  • These youngsters are wonderfully entertaining, and support the village in all the festive occasions - 1174 views
  • Lymm Hockey Club - 780 views
  • Acrylic on canvas
acrylic on canvas - 1378 views
  • Mercedes class Splendour - 754 views
  • Joseph Crosfield fire tender - 728 views
  • Bygone days of steam generated power. - 782 views
  • Horse drawn milk float. - 1451 views
  • acrylic on canvas - 1687 views
  • Just having a chat before going up to the May Field. - 768 views
  • The male swan on the bridgewater canal - 747 views
  • The Male Swan flying back towards me after chasing a boat - 830 views
  • Swans on the canal in lymm village. After mating - 853 views
  • This is the most recognised thing in Lymm and appears in most publications of the village. To my surprise i didn't have a photo of it in my Lymm Set and i had to go back into my old files to find one !  so here it is along with a bit of info:

Lymm Cross is in the village of Lymm, Cheshire, England . It is a Grade I listed building.
The cross dates from the early to the middle 17th century and it was restored in 1897. It is constructed of sandstone and stands on an artificially stepped natural outcrop of red sandstone. Its shaft stands in a square pavilion of red sandstone with square corner pillars. It has a stone roof with a pedimented gable to each face and ball finials. Above the cross is an extension which carries a stone ball and an ornate weather vane. On the east, south and west gables are bronze sundials of 1897 carrying the inscriptions "We are a Shadow", "Save Time" and "Think of the Last". - 1224 views
  • Having a quick bite ! - 837 views
  • Police and community support officers keeping an eye on things and helping to ensure things run smoothly for everyone to enjoy the event. - 1037 views
  • A Duck spreading his wings in the Autumn coloured water - 849 views
  • Jackdaw sat on a fence next to Bridgewater Canal in Lymm village - 942 views
  • Duck flying up the lower dam with bread - 1115 views
  • Duck flying up the waterfall in the village - 901 views
  • One of the lovely young swans the villagers have taken to their hearts. - 918 views
  • Walking along the bridgewater canal towards the village. - 1222 views
  • The white duck on the lower dam flapping - 1317 views
  • The white duck on the lower dam having a preening session - 990 views
  • The white duck on the lower dam all grown up and having a wash. - 970 views
  • The White Duckling in the lower dam having a wing flap - 1094 views
  • A narrowboat converted in 1936 in  the art deco style to give more headroom.

Picture taken on the eve of the Historic Transport day during the Lymm festival. - 1042 views
  • A cute yellow duckling having an itch - 990 views
  • This is our village May Queen for 2013. - 1320 views
  • These girls walked and danced their way through the village twice - 900 views
  • Lymm Village Panorama - 879 views
  • Seen from the car park - 1045 views


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