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  • acrylic on canvas - 842 views
  • Acrylic on canvas - 760 views
  • Mercedes cars heading for the May Queen Field. - 595 views
  • Taken during a walk around Reddish Lane. - 598 views
  • Looking towards Higher Lane - 773 views
  • just another view from the pennine trail, we're so lucky to live in lymm. - 729 views
  • looks more like spring than autumn - 640 views
  • Local fields full of broad beans, there must be a big demand for them? - 607 views
  • Mercedes class Splendour - 617 views
  • Joseph Crosfield fire tender - 556 views
  • Bygone days of steam generated power. - 652 views
  • Horse drawn milk float. - 1252 views
  • People making their way up to the May Field. - 1103 views
  • Just having a chat before going up to the May Field. - 627 views
  • Aerial view of Oughtrington Lymm - 988 views
  • Overlooking stage lane canal bridge - 641 views
  • Lymm golf club to thelwall viaduct with fiddlers ferry power station in the distance - 774 views
  • In between the showers the sun came out and brought some lovely clouds with it, and then back to the rain and wind. - 792 views
  • A lovely dry sunny day for a change, so it's out with my dog and camera and see what the walk brings. - 906 views
  • Very large cloud hanging over the fields alongside rushgreen road caught my attention - 765 views
  • An 'across the fields' type of capture of reddish hall farm on what turned out to be a very changeable kind of day. - 926 views
  • A view from the driveway up to the Golf club. - 703 views
  • St Peter's Church - 792 views
  • Sunset on Oughtrington Lane - 766 views
  • Here they come.. - 736 views
  • Bleak and icy view looking across the fields at this poor lonely tree. - 851 views
  • This is just to the left of the weir at mill lane - 646 views
  • Taken from the bridge where the A6144 Mill Lane crosses the river.

This shows where the usual trickle has become a much swollen river inundating fields to the left. - 971 views
  • Farmer's field near the Green Dragon on Mill Lane.

The River Bollin has overflowed its banks at this point - 821 views
  • Farmer's field near the Green Dragon on Mill Lane.

The River Bollin has overflowed its banks at this point - 609 views
  • Farmer's field near the Green Dragon on Mill Lane.

The River Bollin has overflowed its banks at this point - 587 views
  • Looking across the fields at St Peters Church - 893 views
  • Acrylic painting on canvas - 988 views
  • Sunset. Taken in the fields between Oughtrington Scholl and the Bridgewater Canal. - 953 views
  • Another shot from my drive home. - 801 views
  • Stopped on my drive home to take far too many pictures of this sky across farmers fields that have now been waterlogged for days. - 880 views
  • Fields near St Peter's Church, Lymm - 868 views
  • View over fields near St Peter's Church, Lymm - 976 views
  • Rabbits grazing on the grass by Lymm Dam. - 671 views
  • View across some of the fields around Lymm - 973 views
  • Another capture of the stunning canola fields around the village just now. - 650 views
  • Yellow & blue, great colours when seen together. - 629 views
  • Lovely colours in this local field. - 680 views
  • Lots of stalls selling all sorts of things around the playing field.These cakes were gorgeous, i bought six, hope to see them at the Food Fest! - 736 views
  • Running past the fields with St Peters Church in the background. - 919 views
  • Farmer's field, Oughtrington - 603 views
  • Sunset across the ploughed field. - 1001 views
  • taken on a rainy day, the sun came out and produced a very rare sight, a double rainbow - 881 views


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