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  • Dancing to Abba music. - 990 views
  • More Jubilee fun. - 944 views
  • Su Williams (Parish Councillor) starts the fun and festivities at the Statham Community Primary School. All the children as well as the parents had a great time. Lots of fresh food to eat and an assortment of soft drinks (hot or cold) were on hand for everyone. Later on the children gave us both singing and dancing performances and there wasn't a parent with a dry eye in the playground.
Oh! and just one thing, the teachers all deserve a Gold Medal for their excellent organising !!! - 1442 views
  • A very close thing, but this athlete just had the edge! - 920 views
  • Hearts like lions, they all gave it their best. - 882 views
  • The start of the fun race. - 853 views
  • All the junior runners gathering together in preparation for the start. - 886 views
  • Parents registering their children for the Fun Run - 1763 views
  • Lymm Village really packed as usual for one of its annual events!  - 990 views
  • Scenes of the Duck Race charity event - 705 views
  • Scenes of the Duck Race charity event - 721 views
  • Scenes of the Duck Race charity event - 664 views
  • Scenes of the Duck Race charity event - 678 views
  • £250 raised for St Rocco
  • £250 raised for Charity - 708 views
  • Grappenhall Cricket Team draw against Poynton CC 1st-XI - 1088 views
  • Events down the Bridgewater Canal by The Barn Owl Inn - 721 views


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