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  • It was our Captains Charity Day last friday, and for the fourth year i was asked to do the photos. It was a gorgeous day so it made life a little easier. 18 holes, over 20 teams of four, and trying to ensure you capture everyone and using different tees, greens & fairways. Later on i have to show them on the large TV screen as a continuous slideshow throughout the evening meal and presentations. Quite a challenge believe me ! - 803 views
  • After an evening stroll around Lymm Dam with some of our Lymm Photographic Society members, we all decided that because of the poor light we would go down to our local pub (The Spread Eagle) and have a drink instead. I then decided to walk down through the lane which goes into the village, and spotted this...wasn't a waste of an evening after all, in my view . Incidentally, the beautiful golden tree in the middle of my shot is doomed to be cut down !!! what an awful thing to do. - 1060 views
  • Close up of mum's feathers in the evening light - 729 views
  • Female Swan in the lovely evening light - 719 views
  • The female Swan swimming on a lovely sunny evening at Lymm Dam - 772 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington - 801 views
  • A rainy evening on the towpath - 795 views
  • On the towpath of the Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington. Opposite Spud Wood. - 808 views
  • Trail around Lymm Dam in the wintertime. - 663 views
  • Picture taken just after sunset 8.57pm October 2011 - 634 views
  • Early evening capture of a sunset over the fields - 952 views
  • Scenes of St James Church in the evening in Manchester - 1052 views
  • Farmland scene from around Lymm - 725 views
  • Scenes from Lymm Dickensian Day celebrations in Lymm Village Centre - 788 views
  • Scenes from Lymm Dickensian Day celebrations in Lymm Village Centre - 1468 views
  • Scenes from Lymm Dickensian Day celebrations in Lymm Village Centre - 796 views
  • Scenes from Lymm Dickensian Day celebrations in Lymm Village Centre - 875 views
  • Business Park - 1084 views
  • Risley Moss Park - 1116 views
  • Business Park - 1020 views
  • Business Park. Hazy Sun on a Frosty Morning - 1108 views
  • Business Park - 1030 views
  • Business Park - 2501 views
  • Business Park - 1093 views
  • Business Park - 1052 views
  • Business Park - 1068 views
  • Business Park - 1086 views
  • Business Park  - 963 views
  • Subway at Birchwood - 967 views
  • Tunnel. Very urban - 1149 views
  • Business Park in Birchwood - 1233 views
  • Scenes of Lymm Village centre on Dickensian Day 2006 - 813 views
  • Scenes of Lymm Village Centre on Dickensian Day - 881 views
  • Scenes of Warrington town centre and Christmas lights in the evening - 1968 views
  • Scene of pub and old post office in the evening in Thelwall - 1083 views
  • Warrington town centre water feature and Christmas lights in the evening - 1848 views
  • Lymm Dam in the evening in Black and White - 681 views
  • Lymm Dam in the evening - 791 views
  • Ducks on Lymm Dam in the evening  - 715 views
  • Bridges down the Bridgewater Canal - 908 views


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