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  • Taken during a walk around Reddish Lane. - 763 views
  • This is the most recognised thing in Lymm and appears in most publications of the village. To my surprise i didn't have a photo of it in my Lymm Set and i had to go back into my old files to find one !  so here it is along with a bit of info:

Lymm Cross is in the village of Lymm, Cheshire, England . It is a Grade I listed building.
The cross dates from the early to the middle 17th century and it was restored in 1897. It is constructed of sandstone and stands on an artificially stepped natural outcrop of red sandstone. Its shaft stands in a square pavilion of red sandstone with square corner pillars. It has a stone roof with a pedimented gable to each face and ball finials. Above the cross is an extension which carries a stone ball and an ornate weather vane. On the east, south and west gables are bronze sundials of 1897 carrying the inscriptions "We are a Shadow", "Save Time" and "Think of the Last". - 1245 views
  • Overlooking the water tower. - 840 views
  • Next week we'll reveal  the mystery of what was astonishing the lady in the previous picture in 1907. In the meantime fantasy suggestions welcome! Tell your friends to watch out for more Lymm Picture Mysteries over the next few weeks. But don't tell Joe Griffiths. He'll know all the answers. - 843 views
  • Knutsford Iyengar Yoga Centre. - 773 views
  • Knutsford Iyengar Yoga Centre. - 840 views
  • The Crown Inn - 677 views
  • The Crown Inn - 706 views
  • The Crown Inn - 733 views
  • The Crown Inn - 653 views
  • View looking towards one of the older buildings alongside the Bridgewater Canal. - 779 views
  • John Percival building contractor - 734 views
  • Taken from the car park by Warrington market, a view of the back entrances of Bridge Street. - 904 views
  • Not the most photographed, but still very picturesque. - 715 views
  • Taking a walk saw this character looking down on me from his perch on a gate post. - 744 views
  • Early morning shot of Bridgfoot in Warrington. - 2156 views
  • Remember this with affection, loved the old fish market, the smells, the atmosphere, the people...great !!!! - 914 views
  • Kingsway bridge is a wonderful piece of architecture, and a great subject for a pic. - 852 views
  • A view from St. Mary's graveyard in Lymm, on an early Sunday morning. - 1066 views
  • The Spread Eagle Lymm - 954 views
  • The Fleece Pub In Lymm - 1236 views
  • Our Local - 721 views
  • A scene of the old mill at Dunham Massey - 1382 views
  • Scene of Dunham House in the Autumn time - 1030 views
  • One of the locals in the Spread Eagle Pub - 890 views
  • The school building - 1207 views
  • The old post office - 1780 views
  • Stockton Heath Police Station - 1707 views
  • Arley Hall - 871 views
  • Altrincham Ice Dome and Manchester Pheonix
  • Warrington Wolves  Club - 1080 views
  • Mulberry Tree - 922 views
  • Barn Owl Inn - 965 views
  • Pickering Arms - 1390 views
  • Local band performing at The Venue in Lymm Village - 935 views
  • Local band performing at The Venue in Lymm Village - 851 views
  • Local band performing at The Venue in Lymm Village - 882 views
  • Local band performing at The Venue in Lymm Village - 876 views
  • The school building - 1310 views
  • The school building - 791 views
  • Handbill advertising special train to London calling at Lymm Station - 692 views
  • Not far off closure of the line - 759 views
  • Coal Train to Garston at Halfpenny Bridge - 816 views
  • A ship passing under the railway lines - 1152 views
  • The locks and viaduct in Latchford - 1089 views
  • Earles to Widnes cement train at the Lymm Lane Crossing - 943 views
  • The Crossing - 1062 views
  • External shot of the Station box and rails - 910 views


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