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  • Three photographers with some serious bits of equipment were settled down for a photo session of a crested grebe on it's nest and anything else that happened by. - 863 views
  • This lovely butterfly flew into my garden and started sucking the sugars from the plums which had fallen and rotting. Afterwards it decided to do a spot of sunbathing, so i grabbed my camera and took the shot. - 910 views
  • Female Duck flying up the lower dam in the village - 967 views
  • A Grebe having a swim at Lymm Dam - 847 views
  • Two squirrels in a tree - 2249 views
  • Two baby squirrels playing in the sunshine - 1310 views
  • A tiny baby squirell in the sun - 996 views
  • Two Ducks lying on the wall at Lymm Dam. - 857 views
  • Twelve ducklings swimming on the canal, looking rather cute. - 1232 views
  • Beautiful red flowers in the rain. - 919 views
  • A couple of very cute ducklings on the side of the canal in Lymm village - 1103 views
  • One of the geese flying in for food - 760 views
  • Squirrel stretching for a branch for some food - 977 views
  • A horse poking his head out from the stable into the sun - 656 views
  • Two beautiful horses having a bit of a chat - 592 views
  • Scenes from Lymm Food Fest 2010 - 728 views


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