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  • Nice scene ( i thought ) so i took the shot. - 694 views
  • I think i might just need my thermals on though ? - 592 views
  • Hope they were nice and warm inside. - 665 views
  • Despite the dull dreary and cold day, these two were quite cheerful. - 650 views
  • Just a quick snap shot of the dam during this light spell of snow, pity it didn't last a little longer, from a photography POV - 821 views
  • After a light fall of snow, we're now left with an awful lot of slush. - 953 views
  • Lymm Dam path - 813 views
  • Lymm Dam path - 734 views
  • Grass near Lymm Dam - 861 views
  • Looking towards Higher Lane - 817 views
  • Transpennine trail gate near Lymm Hotel - 900 views
  • Transpennine trail towards Rushgreen Road - 692 views
  • View along the transpennine trail towards the village - 803 views
  • A frosty bridge on a frosty morning - 625 views
  • Forsty Oak Leave - 726 views
  • A low sun and a beautiful frost - 821 views
  • This is the third group of morris dancers, everybody loves them. - 723 views
  • Accompanied by a juggler and Santa with his reindeer and helper. - 631 views
  • Stirring stuff from these children who gave their all. - 621 views
  • These youngsters are wonderfully entertaining, and support the village in all the festive occasions - 1067 views
  • Another colourful group of morris dancers entertaining the crowds. - 616 views
  • This is my grandson with his school mates. - 679 views
  • Now it's Statham Community Primary Schools turn - 695 views
  • This time it's pupils from Little Bollington C of E primary school. - 898 views
  • Children from Cherry Tree Primary school. - 1007 views
  • Vintage traction engine in tip top condition - 1204 views
  • More fit and healthy santas doing their bit for charity. - 578 views
  • Vintage steam engine, always a big attraction. - 656 views
  • Loads of santas doing the 5k run for charity. - 616 views
  • Here's another one. - 738 views
  • Another narrowboat in the nightime procession - 701 views
  • Stirring music from this accomplished brass band. - 854 views
  • The town crier leads the way for the morris dancers. - 678 views
  • Narrowboat nightime procession. - 644 views
  • Another nice couple getting into the Dickensian spirit. - 641 views
  • Narrowboat nightime procession. - 603 views
  • Two beautiful horses, a lovely scene. - 618 views
  • Just another shot of a tree standing on its' own, to me it's a statement saying "i'm not one of the crowd"...i suppose you could call me a tree lover ! - 757 views
  • A showery day but excellent for a good walk to blow away the cobwebs - 923 views
  • Fantastic cloud formations. - 710 views
  • A fantastic sky today. - 656 views
  • In between the showers the sun came out and brought some lovely clouds with it, and then back to the rain and wind. - 826 views
  • My dog Charlie enjoying this beautiful day in February walking along the bridgewater canal with me. - 806 views
  • This couple (who i met and had a chat with) were walking their dog along the canal. It was a perfect day for it. - 746 views
  • Both the ducks on the water and the gulls in the air were heading East along the Bridgewater Canal. - 730 views
  • A lovely dry sunny day for a change, so it's out with my dog and camera and see what the walk brings. - 950 views
  • Panoramic shot of The SpreadEagle - 703 views
  • Taken for a friend of mine who wanted a photo of this beautiful church, he's quite happy with my effort. - 853 views


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