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  • Some runners still going strongly. - 628 views
  • Having their photo taken with Sharky & Wolfie. - 764 views
  • Time for refreshments. - 762 views
  • Children were running everywhere and having a great time. - 805 views
  • The Lymm Concert Band gave a superb performance providing free entertainment for everyone. - 921 views
  • The Mayor was given this lovely basket of flowers for his help and assistance in getting the race started. - 776 views
  • Wolfie & Sharky getting ready to have some fun... - 809 views
  • Having a sit down for a few minuets with Dad. - 872 views
  • Here they come.. - 827 views
  • Two more competitors enjoying the race. - 789 views
  • More runners... - 788 views
  • Great day and a great event !
The runners are on their way. - 785 views
  • This is the winner (i think),
I'm really too far away from the finish line to be absolutely sure ! - 616 views
  • Almost the end of the race. - 746 views
  • Finally they begin to appear, with a bit of gentle persuasion from the organisers. - 695 views
  • Drastic measures needed to be taken, the ducks were most reluctant to join us. - 670 views
  • Gathering around the lower dam, more and more families were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ducks. - 650 views
  • Lots of people moving around in the village trying to see and enjoy as much as possible. - 763 views
  • Even more people arriving in the village! - 673 views
  • An unbelievable turnout for this years Duck Race, despite the very cold weather. - 693 views
  • One of the stalls doing good business on the day. - 653 views
  • Crowds were really gathering now and going down to the lower dam to see the Duck Race. - 666 views
  • Just seeing the joy on their faces as they came down this slide was absolutely wonderful. - 844 views
  • These children were having a great time watching the puppet show, and the crowd was getting bigger by the second. - 911 views
  • Spring in the village - 783 views
  • Springtime blossoms and buds. - 800 views
  • Another boat making it's way along the Bridgewater canal - 790 views
  • Just another view of the canal. - 726 views
  • View across some of the fields around Lymm - 1066 views
  • Looking across the canal to one of my favourite pubs. - 1223 views
  • Looking towards the warehouse - 713 views
  • Just walking the dog - 762 views
  • Another capture of the stunning canola fields around the village just now. - 708 views
  • View looking towards one of the older buildings alongside the Bridgewater Canal. - 742 views
  • Lots of mayflies were flying around the Hawthorn Blossom while i was taking this shot, but suprisingly no bees! - 781 views
  • Young family enjoying a stroll on the canal - 701 views
  • Three ducklings in the sun - 786 views
  • Even ducklings need to stretch after lazing in the sun - 792 views
  • 3 baby ducklings with mom - 896 views
  • Mother and baby ducks - 826 views
  • Lovely area and was rather full with all the rain. - 721 views
  • On the towpath of the Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington. Opposite Spud Wood. - 774 views
  • Yellow & blue, great colours when seen together. - 710 views
  • Lovely colours in this local field. - 754 views
  • Lots of stalls selling all sorts of things around the playing field.These cakes were gorgeous, i bought six, hope to see them at the Food Fest! - 806 views
  • Joining in the fun and having their photo taken with lots of different people. - 795 views
  • You need good eyesight here, I was a long way away though. - 758 views
  • Running past the fields with St Peters Church in the background. - 1016 views


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