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  • Acrylic on canvas - 872 views
  • Another example of how beautiful Lymm Dam looks during the Autumn season.A lot of people seem to like this photo, i've had over 20,000 hits on - 778 views
  • fallen leaves and beech nut shells make a lovely carpet of gold. - 846 views
  • just another view from the pennine trail, we're so lucky to live in lymm. - 616 views
  • striking silver bark on these trees together with their muti coloured leaves make this small area on the pennine trail worth another look. - 660 views
  • looks more like spring than autumn - 543 views
  • He's always wondering why i've stopped? - 676 views
  • wonderful colours to see and appreciate in this glorious season. - 551 views
  • Lots of butterflies to be seen along the pennine trail just now, i saw red admirals,tortoiseshells,peacocks,as well as many more. - 548 views
  • Macro capture of one of the red begonias in my garden. - 464 views
  • This beautiful looking caterpillar was happily chewing the leaves on one of my rose bushes so i decided to photograph it and find out what it is. Apparently it is known as the Grey Dagger Moth when it develops. - 484 views
  • a small beetle with a domed back, typically red or yellow with black spots. Both the adults and larvae are important predators of aphids. - 463 views
  • Golden leaves turning to brown with good reflections in the canal. - 548 views
  • I liked the way the trees,reeds and bullrushes were reflecting on the very calm canal, still plenty of autumnal colour left despite it being December,so i took a few shots and made a panoramic image out of them. - 597 views
  • My dog Charlie heard or spotted something on the other side of the canal, probably a leaf dropping? - 649 views
  • Just me and my dog taking a walk. - 628 views
  • November view across farmland in Lymm. - 686 views
  • Walking my dog Charlie down to the golf club in order to put my name on the competition sheet, lickily i had my camera with me and took this 'last of the autumn leaves' shot. - 614 views
  • A Duck spreading his wings in the Autumn coloured water - 570 views
  • Jackdaw sat on a fence next to Bridgewater Canal in Lymm village - 673 views
  • Duck flying up the lower dam with bread - 812 views
  • Sun setting down over lymm dam showing the beautiful autumnal colours and reflections. - 655 views
  • An 'across the fields' type of capture of reddish hall farm on what turned out to be a very changeable kind of day. - 748 views
  • Duck flying up the waterfall in the village - 627 views
  • This lovely butterfly flew into my garden and started sucking the sugars from the plums which had fallen and rotting. Afterwards it decided to do a spot of sunbathing, so i grabbed my camera and took the shot. - 628 views
  • Yet another photo of this beautiful place, despite the very changable conditions on this particular day it still looks amazing. - 740 views
  • Icy reflections on the Bridgewater Canal - 723 views
  • Broken ice and sun reflections on the Bridgewater Canal. - 868 views
  • Another capture of the Autumnal beauty in Lymm Dam - 675 views
  • Looking across the fields at St Peters Church - 779 views
  • Panoramic view taken in Lymm Dam - 707 views
  • One of the fallen trees around the Upper Dam - 678 views
  • More autumnal colour. - 670 views
  • Just another autumnal capture of our beautiful Lymm Damm. - 983 views
  • I had a great morning photographing around Oughtrington in the mist. - 757 views
  • Autumn morning on the canal - 771 views
  • Morning mist on the Bridgewater Canal - 717 views
  • Mist on the Bridgewater Canal - 701 views
  • Grantham's Bridge, Bridgewater Canal - 623 views
  • Morning Mist contre-jour. My favourite tree. - 731 views
  • Morning mist. - 769 views
  • View over fields near St Peter's Church, Lymm - 843 views
  • taken on a rainy day, the sun came out and produced a very rare sight, a double rainbow - 784 views
  • The gentlemen on the bench spends many hours sat on this bench, or others in the immediate vicinity on the canal towpath, enjoying his books and a picnic. Looks a bit lonely to an outsider like me but he seems to enjoy the open air. And we do frequently exchange a few pleasantries. - 772 views
  • A beautiful autumn day in Victoria park. - 744 views
  • Calm day on the canal - 789 views
  • Jogger enjoying the good weather,running on the towpath of The Bridgwater Canal. - 739 views
  • Autumn colours & reflections at the upper dam. - 1019 views


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