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  • EDWARDIAN GARDEN PARTY AT LYMM-HALL  Acrylic on canvas - 1309 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Lymm - 731 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Lymm - 704 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Lymm - 743 views
  • Canal at Lymm - 786 views
  • acrylic on canvas - 1630 views
  • Family of Swans on the Bridgewater Canal near Massey Brook Lane - 677 views
  • The male swan on the bridgewater canal - 706 views
  • Sunset taken in Little Bollington over looking the canal - 687 views
  • The female and her 7 Cygnets - 751 views
  • The Male Swan flying back towards me after chasing a boat - 789 views
  • This is the most recognised thing in Lymm and appears in most publications of the village. To my surprise i didn't have a photo of it in my Lymm Set and i had to go back into my old files to find one !  so here it is along with a bit of info:

Lymm Cross is in the village of Lymm, Cheshire, England . It is a Grade I listed building.
The cross dates from the early to the middle 17th century and it was restored in 1897. It is constructed of sandstone and stands on an artificially stepped natural outcrop of red sandstone. Its shaft stands in a square pavilion of red sandstone with square corner pillars. It has a stone roof with a pedimented gable to each face and ball finials. Above the cross is an extension which carries a stone ball and an ornate weather vane. On the east, south and west gables are bronze sundials of 1897 carrying the inscriptions "We are a Shadow", "Save Time" and "Think of the Last". - 1168 views
  • Probably the most photographed house in lymm. - 1553 views
  • The lovely little waterfall at the dam. - 940 views
  • One of the lovely young swans the villagers have taken to their hearts. - 878 views
  • Under the bridge - 857 views
  • Walking along the bridgewater canal towards the village. - 1180 views
  • Lower Dam - 1158 views
  • Lymm Dam - 852 views
  • Lymm Dam - 843 views
  • Looking towards the Barn Owl and Altrincham - 707 views
  • Seen from Spud Wood - 702 views
  • Seen from the car park - 1000 views
  • Seen from the bridge - 884 views
  • Sandstone at Lymm Dam - 1305 views
  • The sandstone base of the market cross - 808 views
  • Lymm Cross and stocks - 872 views
  • For all Game of Thrones fans! - 993 views
  • A cute fluffy cygnet having a swim - 691 views
  • One of the Cygnets having a rest - 695 views
  • Female Swan in the lovely evening light - 684 views
  • One of the 8 Cygnets having a wash - 636 views
  • The female Swan swimming on a lovely sunny evening at Lymm Dam - 744 views
  • Female Swan at Lymm Dam preening. - 756 views
  • One of the cygnets at Lymm Dam working out what a twig is. - 743 views
  • The eyes have it - 750 views
  • A splash of colour - 843 views
  • Exit of the lower dam - 680 views
  • Shot under the road towards the lower dam - 696 views
  • A series of landmarks - 706 views
  • Treated using tilt-shift process for that 'model' look - 769 views
  • Mum and one of her Cygnets - 728 views
  • One of the cygnets now at Lymm Dam - 662 views
  • These barge owners were on their way to the village for the Lymm Cruising Club annual get together and watching all the 10k runners passing by. - 837 views
  • This is just to the left of the weir at mill lane - 728 views
  • Slightly higher than normal, this is on Mill Lane, the border of Heatley & Warburton - 752 views
  • Three feet, that's just under one metre for any young un's - 740 views
  • It was in it up to the roof yesterday, suppose you have to expect a little damp - 718 views


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