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  • Another great attraction for the children, and a good excuse for the adults to have a go. - 792 views
  • Another great stall for some hot food with a difference. - 763 views
  • Beautiful display of colourful flowers cheered us all up. - 726 views
  • Plenty of action around this stall - 694 views
  • This attraction drew a lot of budding David Beckhams - 725 views
  • People making their way into the village to enjoy the food, entertainment and watch the 2012 Duck Race - 792 views
  • Lymm dam frozen over. - 796 views
  • Snowy sunset across the field. - 1069 views
  • Just one of the countless hoverflies which feed off the flowers in my garden. - 615 views
  • White Chrysanthemum close up - 643 views
  • lillies seen in a garden in lymm. - 643 views
  • Favourite spot of mine, near the canal. - 773 views
  • Almost night as the sun sets on Lymm upper dam. - 1124 views
  • Great atmosphere all round with the Captain shaking as many hands as possible - 1005 views
  • The President:Vernon Wragg
The Captain: Dave Lowe
Past Captain:Ian Hebenton
Vice Captain: Dan Heaphy - 1175 views
  • Club members enjoying the occasion. - 962 views
  • A good strike by the captain sent the ball down the fairway despite the pressure of having all the members watching him - 945 views
  • Over 100 members turned out to watch the captain tee off on the first tee, and then compete in the competition. - 1029 views
  • Vice Captain: Dan Heaphy
Captain: Dave Lowe 
President: Vernon Wragg - 1127 views
  • Several lady members including the lady captain (extreme right) were there to make sure that everything ran well on the day. - 945 views
  • The new club captain Dave Lowe, with the new vice captain Dan Heaphy on their way to the first tee - 827 views
  • Calm day on the canal - 1042 views
  • Frosty morning on the Bridgewater Canal - 894 views
  • Lovely old bridge over the Bridgewater Canal - 961 views
  • Nice cold frosty morning, ideal for a walk. - 797 views
  • Enjoying a walk along the Bridgewater canal on a lovely March day - 778 views
  • Frost patterns on the canal - 722 views
  • Fantastic sky over Lymm Dam - 1037 views
  • Looking towards St Peters Church on a frosty/icy day. - 1017 views
  • Jogger enjoying the good weather,running on the towpath of The Bridgwater Canal. - 1001 views
  • Autumn colours & reflections at the upper dam. - 1265 views
  • Light reflections on a wintry scene on the Lower Dam. - 726 views
  • Calm day on the canal, giving beautiful reflections in return. - 771 views
  • Unusual ice patterns formed on the Bridgewater Canal - 725 views
  • Beautiful autumnal afternoon in Lymm Dam. - 763 views
  • Sun reflecting on the ice on The Bridgewater canal - 681 views
  • Dog walking in the snow - 735 views
  • Following the path around Lymm Dam - 922 views
  • View across the dam looking at St Marys - 1099 views
  • Narrowboats frozen in on the bridgewater canal - 937 views
  • Little stream slowly working it's way to the Manchester Ship Canal - 559 views
  • A woman taking her dog for a walk after the heavy snowfall - 634 views
  • Young family taking a walk down reddish lane in the snow - 640 views
  • Group of people walking through the snow on the Pennine Trail. - 555 views
  • Rushgreen road after the snowfall - 548 views
  • Rushgreen road after snowfall - 533 views
  • Lone tree capture on a foggy day - 552 views
  • Walking around lymm dam after the snowfall - 593 views


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