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  • Gathering around the lower dam, more and more families were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ducks. - 705 views
  • Lots of people moving around in the village trying to see and enjoy as much as possible. - 817 views
  • Even more people arriving in the village! - 719 views
  • An unbelievable turnout for this years Duck Race, despite the very cold weather. - 747 views
  • One of the stalls doing good business on the day. - 698 views
  • Crowds were really gathering now and going down to the lower dam to see the Duck Race. - 716 views
  • Just seeing the joy on their faces as they came down this slide was absolutely wonderful. - 912 views
  • These children were having a great time watching the puppet show, and the crowd was getting bigger by the second. - 987 views
  • Some sort of platform near the Church Road. - 970 views
  • This was my view looking the other way back to the road, you can see just how low the sun is getting because of the length of my shadow. - 759 views
  • The end of the new boardwalk in lymm dam. - 779 views
  • Partly frozen dam, but with enough unfrozen water for the ducks. - 1038 views
  • Just walking my dog. - 969 views
  • Part of the walk around Lymm Dam. - 952 views
  • Another beautiful winters day for a walk round the dam - 1056 views
  • For those who don't know the area,this lovely little bridge can be found in Lymm Dam. - 841 views
  • Bleak and icy view looking across the fields at this poor lonely tree. - 1025 views
  • I was just admiring how calm and smooth the water was, when in came these three ducks that splashed down right in front of me! personally i think they added something to the whole scene. - 841 views
  • I took this shot whilst on my way up to Lymm Dam.I thought the sunrays injected colour into an otherwise dark, dull scene. - 837 views
  • Beautiful reflections on the Bridgewater Canal - 701 views
  • Another wintry view - 897 views
  • More captures of the wintry reflections on the Bridgewater Canal - 958 views
  • Icy reflections on the Bridgewater Canal - 984 views
  • Broken ice and sun reflections on the Bridgewater Canal. - 1122 views
  • Another capture of the Autumnal beauty in Lymm Dam - 936 views
  • Looking across the fields at St Peters Church - 1064 views
  • Panoramic view taken in Lymm Dam - 974 views
  • One of the fallen trees around the Upper Dam - 949 views
  • More autumnal colour. - 930 views
  • Just another autumnal capture of our beautiful Lymm Damm. - 1360 views
  • This guy on the outside decided to launch an attack before turning left over the bridge. - 757 views
  • Having passed through our village via Burford Lane and Mill Lane they now turn towards Warburton to continue the race ending in Knowsley. - 981 views
  • A fantastic number of police motorbikes,cars and support vehicles both led the race and followed behind, this is just a couple of them. - 757 views
  • This competitor must have suffered a fall or a puncture and was the last man to pass through the village. - 2296 views
  • The leaders of the race are leaving Lymm and going towards Warburton. - 757 views
  • Bradley Wiggins & Mark Cavendish taking their time in the main bunch. - 807 views
  • Celebrating 60years of our Queen on the throne at The Spread. - 675 views
  • They looked so peaceful and relaxed, I couldn't resist taking a shot. - 1048 views
  • There must be millions of photos taken of our Lymm Lower Dam, here's another. - 1049 views
  • Another way of looking at it. - 973 views
  • Everything running smoothly. - 935 views
  • Getting into the spirit of things. - 998 views
  • Su Williams (local parish councillor) recieving the 'Throne' and a polystyrene jigsaw puzzle from the schoolchildren. The puzzle comes together as a picture of Su on one side and on the other as a selection of modern art which will be on show (school visits only) in the garden of su's house. - 1044 views
  • Dancing to Abba music. - 990 views
  • More Jubilee fun. - 945 views
  • Jubilee street party. - 1062 views
  • These children put on a great performance, dressed up in the seventies gear and singing & dancing to ABBA.
A fantastic effort. - 1027 views
  • Mums and teachers keeping an eye on things - 973 views


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