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  • Crowds gathering round and even allowed to enter these historical narrowboats. - 865 views
  • A matching pair of 'work horses' - 625 views
  • Ellie and her beautiful little rosebuds on the float - 911 views
  • A really colourful float with an Hawaiian feel - 665 views
  • Pupils from Lymm High School playing their music all the way round - 1252 views
  • and the band played on - 626 views
  • Smartly dressed and impressive marching - 608 views
  • Great fun - 635 views
  • More children having a wonderful time - 885 views
  • A great bunch of amateur actors/actresses singing old 'music hall' songs all the way round. - 633 views
  • Another great float, this time from Lymm Cruising Club - 851 views
  • Hard to capture these princesses because of the rails on the float, but i did manage to get a couple of smiles and waves - 678 views
  • This is our village May Queen for 2013. - 1357 views
  • These girls walked and danced their way through the village twice - 927 views
  • Great music coming from this band certainly added to this wonderful ,traditional occasion. - 858 views
  • Everyone waiting for the start of another great May Queen Day. - 603 views
  • Another float loaded with happiness. - 964 views
  • Oughtrington CP school float drew a lot of applause, and you could see the mums following it were enjoying every minuet. - 886 views
  • Excellent control and discipline from this group, brought more great applause from the onlookers. - 609 views
  • Impressive marching in front of this years May Queen gave this procession the WOW factor - 590 views
  • Plenty of action on this float - 626 views
  • The Flintstones are rocking - 604 views
  • The Fred Flintstones float brought great applause from the crowds - 1018 views
  • Oughtrington Primary School children and their mums thoroughly enjoying the occasion. - 897 views
  • Things are beginning to get started in the 2013 May Queen Day. - 683 views
  • Lymm Cruising Club on their opening summer cruise day to Grappenhall - 950 views
  • These barge owners were on their way to the village for the Lymm Cruising Club annual get together and watching all the 10k runners passing by. - 902 views
  • Competitors running by the side of the canal. - 876 views
  • Coming off the canal and going up Oughtrington lane towards the finishing line. - 841 views
  • All the runners are finding it difficult going up this hill, especially for the second time. - 843 views
  • It's a tough race alright! - 835 views
  • Still managing to find the strength need to get up here. - 851 views
  • Some runners still going strongly. - 677 views
  • Having their photo taken with Sharky & Wolfie. - 834 views
  • Time for refreshments. - 827 views
  • Children were running everywhere and having a great time. - 877 views
  • The Lymm Concert Band gave a superb performance providing free entertainment for everyone. - 988 views
  • The Mayor was given this lovely basket of flowers for his help and assistance in getting the race started. - 839 views
  • Wolfie & Sharky getting ready to have some fun... - 879 views
  • Having a sit down for a few minuets with Dad. - 935 views
  • Here they come.. - 897 views
  • Two more competitors enjoying the race. - 855 views
  • More runners... - 856 views
  • Great day and a great event !
The runners are on their way. - 855 views
  • This is the winner (i think),
I'm really too far away from the finish line to be absolutely sure ! - 664 views
  • Almost the end of the race. - 796 views
  • Finally they begin to appear, with a bit of gentle persuasion from the organisers. - 741 views
  • Drastic measures needed to be taken, the ducks were most reluctant to join us. - 711 views


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