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  • Canalside House on the Bridgewater Canal - 939 views
  • Pastel painting - 1057 views
  • I had a great morning photographing around Oughtrington in the mist. - 983 views
  • Autumn morning on the canal - 1111 views
  • Morning mist on the Bridgewater Canal - 951 views
  • Mist on the Bridgewater Canal - 929 views
  • Grantham's Bridge, Bridgewater Canal - 859 views
  • Walking by here and it was freezing,ineed the canal itslef was frozen. But the wood smoke coming from the boat made me think how nice it must be inside. - 909 views
  • Sunset. Taken in the fields between Oughtrington Scholl and the Bridgewater Canal. - 1098 views
  • A rainy evening on the towpath - 795 views
  • On the towpath - 805 views
  • Bridgewater Canal between Lymm and Oughtrington. - 804 views
  • Stopped on my drive home to take far too many pictures of this sky across farmers fields that have now been waterlogged for days. - 1019 views
  • Soaking up the Summer Sunshine by the Bridgewater Canal with Zippy n Zappy - 718 views
  • Soaking up the sunshine in August with Zippy n Zappy - 911 views
  • "Off we go for a sail"
Zippy n Zappy loved sailing on the Bridgewater Canal for their first time!
"When can go again" - 761 views
  • "Narrowboat life is great fun in the Summer sun"... say Zippy n Zappy - 895 views
  • Calm on a late summer's day. - 828 views
  • Visit Lymm Youth & community centre,It's a great place to have fun and play games as well as learning a thing or two. - 854 views
  • Steve Griffiths being presented with a cheque for £500 as a free donation,from Sandra Baines wife of the President of Domville Lodge Freemasons. On the left of the picture is Su Williams (Lymm Parish Councillor) and sat down with a lovely smile on her face,is one of the members of Lymm Youth and Community Centre. Steve devotes an incredible amount of his time to further the aims and interests of the centre and he'll put that money to very good use. - 1079 views
  • Another boat making it's way along the Bridgewater canal - 816 views
  • Just another view of the canal. - 752 views
  • View across some of the fields around Lymm - 1113 views
  • Looking across the canal to one of my favourite pubs. - 1268 views
  • Looking towards the warehouse - 747 views
  • Just walking the dog - 787 views
  • View looking towards one of the older buildings alongside the Bridgewater Canal. - 771 views
  • Lots of mayflies were flying around the Hawthorn Blossom while i was taking this shot, but suprisingly no bees! - 811 views
  • Young family enjoying a stroll on the canal - 724 views
  • Just an unusual situation I came across whilst walking my collie - two "working" barges fixing the towpath rather than the usual leisure craft. - 1080 views
  • Three ducklings in the sun - 819 views
  • Even ducklings need to stretch after lazing in the sun - 830 views
  • 3 baby ducklings with mom - 930 views
  • Mother and baby ducks - 868 views
  • Lovely area and was rather full with all the rain. - 749 views
  • On the towpath of the Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington. Opposite Spud Wood. - 809 views
  • You need good eyesight here, I was a long way away though. - 790 views
  • Running past the fields with St Peters Church in the background. - 1058 views
  • Runners keeping to the path alongside the Bridgewater Canal. - 822 views
  • Running alongside the Bridgwater canal in the 2012 10K. - 759 views
  • Walking in to Lymm along the towpath and was attracted by the shape of the tree, the clouds behind it and the reflection in the canal. - 1082 views
  • Bridgewater lettings - 801 views
  • Many of the narrow boats on the canal still seem to use "real" fuel. Here's a really smoking example. - 841 views
  • The window of one of the many narrow boats that frequent the village, reflected in the Bridgewater Canal. - 828 views
  • The gentlemen on the bench spends many hours sat on this bench, or others in the immediate vicinity on the canal towpath, enjoying his books and a picnic. Looks a bit lonely to an outsider like me but he seems to enjoy the open air. And we do frequently exchange a few pleasantries. - 999 views
  • The Bridgewater Canal towpath at Oughtrington, opposite Spud Wood - 737 views
  • Beautiful for a few weeks, then deteriorate rapidly - 655 views
  • Weeping willow by the side of the Bridgewater canal - 824 views


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