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  • Acrylic on canvas - 846 views
  • Nice scene ( i thought ) so i took the shot. - 506 views
  • Hope they were nice and warm inside. - 499 views
  • Here's another one. - 575 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Lymm - 520 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Lymm - 477 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Lymm - 523 views
  • Canal at Lymm - 566 views
  • Originally built as a horse drawn tank boat,Gifford now resides at The National Waterways Museum,Ellesmere from Alan Williams & Alan Taylors book "The Wheels and The Water" - 673 views
  • Lovely cloud reflections on the bridgewater canal. - 583 views
  • Again, another busy capture on the bridgewater canal. - 522 views
  • A very busy day today on the bridgewater canal. - 506 views
  • acrylic on canvas - 1315 views
  • From here you can see some of the boats as well as people enjoying themselves in the newly refurbished golden fleece garden - 536 views
  • Plenty to see on the Bridgewater canal today. - 515 views
  • The hog roast by the canal was very popular ! - 510 views
  • A lovely day for all, fantastic array of boats on the canal. - 595 views
  • A lovely day for all, fantastic array of boats on the canal. - 703 views
  • Family of Swans on the Bridgewater Canal near Massey Brook Lane - 474 views
  • the most common duck of the northern hemisphere and the ancestor of most domestic ducks, the male having a dark green head and white collar. - 768 views
  • The male swan on the bridgewater canal - 486 views
  • Sunset taken in Little Bollington over looking the canal - 480 views
  • The female and her 7 Cygnets - 546 views
  • The Male Swan flying back towards me after chasing a boat - 583 views
  • an absolutely beautiful tree. - 609 views
  • I spotted this beautiful tree on the bank of the bridgewater canal and thought it looked magnificent. - 558 views
  • Beautiful warm sunny day in March, after all the rain we've had it's nice to get out for a walk. - 575 views
  • Swans on the canal in lymm village. After mating - 578 views
  • My dog Charlie enjoying this beautiful day in February walking along the bridgewater canal with me. - 640 views
  • This couple (who i met and had a chat with) were walking their dog along the canal. It was a perfect day for it. - 565 views
  • Both the ducks on the water and the gulls in the air were heading East along the Bridgewater Canal. - 565 views
  • Golden leaves turning to brown with good reflections in the canal. - 543 views
  • I liked the way the trees,reeds and bullrushes were reflecting on the very calm canal, still plenty of autumnal colour left despite it being December,so i took a few shots and made a panoramic image out of them. - 590 views
  • My dog Charlie heard or spotted something on the other side of the canal, probably a leaf dropping? - 641 views
  • Just me and my dog taking a walk. - 620 views
  • Overlooking the water tower. - 562 views
  • A Duck spreading his wings in the Autumn coloured water - 562 views
  • Jackdaw sat on a fence next to Bridgewater Canal in Lymm village - 666 views
  • Duck flying up the waterfall in the village - 617 views
  • Probably the most photographed house in lymm. - 1150 views
  • The lovely little waterfall at the dam. - 629 views
  • One of the lovely young swans the villagers have taken to their hearts. - 669 views
  • Under the bridge - 630 views
  • Walking along the bridgewater canal towards the village. - 906 views
  • It was impossible to take a full shot of this beautiful boat, partly because of where it was moored and partly because of the huge amount of people coming and going who were interested in it, so decided to take a bow and stern shot and put them together, works for me. - 689 views
  • A motor launch tugboat built in 1931 - 1037 views
  • Crowds gathering round and even allowed to enter these historical narrowboats. - 620 views
  • Taken during the Lymm Festival on the eve of Historic Transport Day - 664 views


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