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  • After an evening stroll around Lymm Dam with some of our Lymm Photographic Society members, we all decided that because of the poor light we would go down to our local pub (The Spread Eagle) and have a drink instead. I then decided to walk down through the lane which goes into the village, and spotted this...wasn't a waste of an evening after all, in my view . Incidentally, the beautiful golden tree in the middle of my shot is doomed to be cut down !!! what an awful thing to do. - 833 views
  • A traditional event held annualy in our village, when restaurants,pubs,confectioners,butchers,bakers & cafes etc, get together in the main street and  serve English, as well as
Italian,Chinese,Turkish,Spanish and many other types of food so we can all sample a little of each or a lot of the ones you like most. I'll post more pictures later today, Hope you like them. - 1095 views
  • Forsty Oak Leave - 694 views
  • Children from Cherry Tree Primary school. - 972 views
  • fallen leaves and beech nut shells make a lovely carpet of gold. - 1065 views
  • just another view from the pennine trail, we're so lucky to live in lymm. - 741 views
  • striking silver bark on these trees together with their muti coloured leaves make this small area on the pennine trail worth another look. - 796 views
  • I took so many photos on our lymm historical transport day, i overlooked this one of the actress Nikki Sanderson (Coronation Street). - 925 views
  • an absolutely beautiful tree. - 755 views
  • I spotted this beautiful tree on the bank of the bridgewater canal and thought it looked magnificent. - 699 views
  • Just another shot of a tree standing on its' own, to me it's a statement saying "i'm not one of the crowd"...i suppose you could call me a tree lover ! - 726 views
  • A lovely dry sunny day for a change, so it's out with my dog and camera and see what the walk brings. - 923 views
  • Golden leaves turning to brown with good reflections in the canal. - 666 views
  • I liked the way the trees,reeds and bullrushes were reflecting on the very calm canal, still plenty of autumnal colour left despite it being December,so i took a few shots and made a panoramic image out of them. - 728 views
  • Looks pretty but it was quite cold, can't say i'm looking forward to seeing more. - 657 views
  • Dingle Tree Panorama - 849 views
  • Roots of a massive tree at the Dingle. - 743 views
  • Stump of a tree at Lymm Dam. - 803 views
  • For all Game of Thrones fans! - 893 views
  • Seen from the Bridgewater Canal towpath at Oughtrington - 792 views
  • Sunset on Oughtrington Lane - 778 views
  • Just walking my dog. - 823 views
  • Part of the walk around Lymm Dam. - 794 views
  • Another beautiful winters day for a walk round the dam - 883 views
  • Bleak and icy view looking across the fields at this poor lonely tree. - 859 views
  • Another wintry view - 755 views
  • Taken at Lymm Dam - 851 views
  • One of the fallen trees around the Upper Dam - 790 views
  • Pastel painting - 919 views
  • Morning Mist contre-jour. My favourite tree. - 837 views
  • Sunset. Taken in the fields between Oughtrington Scholl and the Bridgewater Canal. - 963 views
  • Fields near St Peter's Church, Lymm - 878 views
  • Sunlight through the trees. - 783 views
  • Morning sunshine through the trees of Lymm Hall. - 886 views
  • Friendly face tree carving. - 862 views
  • Lymm Dam carving of a dragonfly on a tree stump full of fungi! - 916 views
  • View from the trees over Lymm Dam. - 916 views
  • Looking down into the Gorge on a sunny afternoon. - 802 views
  • Looking down the Dingle to Lymm Village on a bright summer's afternoon. - 880 views
  • View over Lymm Dam to St Mary's Church in the summertime. - 953 views
  • Sunlight through the trees at Lymm Dam. - 809 views
  • This carving looks like a shaman I think! - 856 views
  • The man in the tree at Lymm Dam - 833 views
  • A very creative tree carving - 825 views
  • The avenue in Lymm. - 825 views
  • Is this a Weirwood tree? (For fans of Game of Thrones) - 2010 views
  • Jubilee street party. - 907 views
  • Two squirrels in a tree - 2004 views


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