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  • Lymm Cruising Club on their opening summer cruise day to Grappenhall - 992 views
  • Could'nt resist this little fella' as he posed for the camera. - 848 views
  • St Wilfrids Church - 1300 views
  • Night time scene of the pub and Church in Grappenhall - 1373 views
  • Night time scene of the pub and Church in Grappenhall - 1656 views
  • Pencil drawing by local artist - 2948 views
  • Sunset at St Wilfrid
  • Winter scene at St Wilfrid
  • L-R: Del, Andrew, Steve A, Rob, Dave, Steve G, Ian, Alex, Henry, Geoff, Alec - 1143 views
  • Off to a thrilling start with "Constant Billy" from Headington - 959 views
  • Thomas Greenall - 737 views
  • From the Grave Yard - 766 views
  • Stained Glass - 852 views
  • Sleeping - 661 views
  • Wooden - 838 views
  • Stained Glass Windows #2 - 770 views
  • Stained Glass Windows - 922 views
  • The Roof - 761 views
  • Bells - 839 views
  • These are the stairs that lead up to the top of the tower. They are extremely steep and very narrow. It was pretty tough going getting to each floor in the tower.  - 775 views
  • Bell Ringing-
This chamber is part way up the tower. 
  • Standing at the front - 686 views
  • Looking from the back - 685 views
  • When you enter the Church, this is what greets you.  - 675 views
  • Entrance Arch - 627 views
  • The entrance to St.Wilfrids church yard in Grappenhall Village. 
  • This is the Rams Head Pub in Grappenhall Village. - 1537 views
  • Tunnel. Very urban - 1243 views
  • from the Church Yard - 1321 views
  • Capstan at Latchford Locks over Manchester Ship Canal - 1380 views
  • This bridge dominates the Grappenhall / Latchford landscape. It
  • Locks- Manchester Ship Canal - 1560 views
  • Quote from the Photographer: "The tracks disappear into the brush. I remember when you could see all the way to Thelwall from here, shortly before being deafened by neeeeeeeee nooooooorrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!. Twice I came within a few milli seconds of being hit by a freight train and diving off the tracks with my heart pounding out of my chest".  - 1448 views
  • So old and frail and yet so stubborn. - 1025 views
  • Quote from the Photographer: "As a kid, Pete and I used to play on this bridge. The difference being, freight trains used to hurtle across this bridge whilst we cowered in its steel work. Wow, what a contrast to today since it was abandoned in the late 70
  • Bridge from Grappenhall to Latchford - 1336 views
  • Quote from the photographer "Grappenhall is definitely my favourite place on Earth. Standing up here at the top of the tower reminded me of just how special it is (to me anyway!)". - 1090 views
  • This is the small village of Grappenhall in Warrington - UK. One of the last remaining cobbled streets. 
  • Bridgewater Canal - Grappenhall - 1129 views
  • This is the Parr Arms pub next to St. Wilfrids Chruch in Grappenhall. The white railings in the bottom right hand corner are the village stocks.  Basically, many moons ago, if you did something socially unacceptable then you wouldn
  • Grappenhall Heys- Autumn - 898 views
  • Bowser in Grappenhall. It was filling up a trough for the horses to drink from. 
  • Misty Morning overlooking Grappenhall - 919 views
  • Looking over Grappenhall on Autumn Night - 900 views
  • Grappenhall Cricket Team draw against Poynton CC 1st-XI - 1129 views
  • Scene of Grappenhall road to Stockton Heath - 1115 views
  • Nature scenes form Grappenhall Heys walled garden - 1230 views
  • Nature scenes form Grappenhall Heys walled garden - 1119 views


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