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  • Cottages at the lower dam in Lymm. - 796 views
  • Nice day for ducks. - 695 views
  • Close up of mum's feathers in the evening light - 645 views
  • A cute fluffy cygnet having a swim - 631 views
  • One of the Cygnets having a rest - 628 views
  • Female Swan in the lovely evening light - 612 views
  • One of the 8 Cygnets having a wash - 574 views
  • The female Swan swimming on a lovely sunny evening at Lymm Dam - 677 views
  • The Female Grebe on the nest at Lymm Dam - 630 views
  • One of the fluffy cygnets having a nap - 602 views
  • One of the Cygnets walking up some twigs with his little wings sticking out. - 660 views
  • All 8 of the Cygnets at Lymm Dam - 657 views
  • Female Swan at Lymm Dam preening. - 689 views
  • One of the cygnets at Lymm Dam working out what a twig is. - 673 views
  • A splash of colour - 762 views
  • Exit of the lower dam - 615 views
  • Shot under the road towards the lower dam - 633 views
  • Mum and one of her Cygnets - 655 views
  • One of the cygnets now at Lymm Dam - 597 views
  • A Lady Duck stood at the bottom of the lower dam trying to avoid the men. - 746 views
  • A Duck flying up the lower Dam.
He had been at the bottom chasing the ladies. - 687 views
  • Gathering around the lower dam, more and more families were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the ducks. - 597 views
  • Crowds were really gathering now and going down to the lower dam to see the Duck Race. - 601 views
  • Some sort of platform near the Church Road. - 822 views
  • This was my view looking the other way back to the road, you can see just how low the sun is getting because of the length of my shadow. - 655 views
  • The end of the new boardwalk in lymm dam. - 677 views
  • Partly frozen dam, but with enough unfrozen water for the ducks. - 885 views
  • Just walking my dog. - 823 views
  • Part of the walk around Lymm Dam. - 793 views
  • Another beautiful winters day for a walk round the dam - 883 views
  • For those who don't know the area,this lovely little bridge can be found in Lymm Dam. - 719 views
  • I was just admiring how calm and smooth the water was, when in came these three ducks that splashed down right in front of me! personally i think they added something to the whole scene. - 721 views
  • I took this shot whilst on my way up to Lymm Dam.I thought the sunrays injected colour into an otherwise dark, dull scene. - 726 views
  • It was in it up to the roof yesterday, suppose you have to expect a little damp - 652 views
  • Female Duck fell down underneath the bridge at the lower dam. - 743 views
  • Taken at Lymm Dam - 851 views
  • Female Duck flying up the lower dam in the village - 862 views
  • A Grebe having a swim at Lymm Dam - 736 views
  • Another capture of the Autumnal beauty in Lymm Dam - 782 views
  • Panoramic view taken in Lymm Dam - 831 views
  • One of the fallen trees around the Upper Dam - 790 views
  • More autumnal colour. - 773 views
  • Just another autumnal capture of our beautiful Lymm Damm. - 1159 views
  • The Church yard from the top of St Marys Church tower. - 1028 views
  • A lovely view of Lymm Dam from St Marys tower - 1029 views
  • St Marys Church Fun Day 1st July  - The Church tower open to the public for 1 day only. A rare insight to some interesting Lymm history. - 1053 views
  • Late purple blossoms by Lymm Dam - 801 views
  • Friendly face tree carving. - 861 views


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