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  • Bridgewater Canal - 705 views
  • Bridgewater Canal - 656 views
  • Bridgewater Canal - 686 views
  • Looking towards the Barn Owl and Altrincham - 706 views
  • Seen from Spud Wood - 700 views
  • Seen from the car park - 1000 views
  • Seen from the bridge - 883 views
  • Seen from the Bridgewater Canal towpath at Oughtrington - 883 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington - 802 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington - 825 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington - 761 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington - 920 views
  • Bridgewater Canal at Oughtrington - 945 views
  • A series of landmarks - 705 views
  • Treated using tilt-shift process for that 'model' look - 767 views
  • Lymm Cruising Club on their opening summer cruise day to Grappenhall - 880 views
  • Pretty flowers along the Bridgewater Canal in Lymm - 796 views
  • These barge owners were on their way to the village for the Lymm Cruising Club annual get together and watching all the 10k runners passing by. - 836 views
  • Competitors running by the side of the canal. - 806 views
  • This is just to the left of the weir at mill lane - 726 views
  • Slightly higher than normal, this is on Mill Lane, the border of Heatley & Warburton - 752 views
  • Three feet, that's just under one metre for any young un's - 739 views
  • It was in it up to the roof yesterday, suppose you have to expect a little damp - 718 views
  • Being towed out - 730 views
  • Obviously can't read, the sign was in the middle of the road and it was very awkward to drive around - 754 views
  • The clue is in the writing...please see next few photo's - 733 views
  • The water here, where Mill Lane becomes Burford Lane, gathers under the aquaduct and fairly frequently needs pumping out - but in the past few days it's been as bad as ever I have seen it.

The guage on the right hand side shows that the water has been up to around 5ft deep - 717 views
  • Beautiful reflections on the Bridgewater Canal - 654 views
  • Another wintry view - 833 views
  • More captures of the wintry reflections on the Bridgewater Canal - 883 views
  • Icy reflections on the Bridgewater Canal - 915 views
  • Broken ice and sun reflections on the Bridgewater Canal. - 1054 views
  • Canalside House on the Bridgewater Canal - 911 views
  • I had a great morning photographing around Oughtrington in the mist. - 935 views
  • Autumn morning on the canal - 1056 views
  • Morning mist on the Bridgewater Canal - 904 views
  • Mist on the Bridgewater Canal - 879 views
  • Grantham's Bridge, Bridgewater Canal - 814 views
  • Walking by here and it was freezing,ineed the canal itslef was frozen. But the wood smoke coming from the boat made me think how nice it must be inside. - 876 views
  • Sunset. Taken in the fields between Oughtrington Scholl and the Bridgewater Canal. - 1055 views
  • A rainy evening on the towpath - 765 views
  • On the towpath - 781 views
  • Bridgewater Canal between Lymm and Oughtrington. - 783 views
  • Soaking up the Summer Sunshine by the Bridgewater Canal with Zippy n Zappy - 691 views
  • Soaking up the sunshine in August with Zippy n Zappy - 882 views
  • "Off we go for a sail"
Zippy n Zappy loved sailing on the Bridgewater Canal for their first time!
"When can go again" - 735 views
  • "Narrowboat life is great fun in the Summer sun"... say Zippy n Zappy - 867 views
  • Calm on a late summer's day. - 796 views


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