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  • Acrylic on canvas - 1238 views
  • Lymm Underground Detailed Print - 1154 views
  • Lymm Underground Print - 1175 views
  • acrylic on canvas - 1052 views
  • EDWARDIAN GARDEN PARTY AT LYMM-HALL  Acrylic on canvas - 1382 views
  • Another team enjoying the day. - 806 views
  • A midday capture just before the golfers came out to their respective tees. - 850 views
  • Ian,Phil ( white shirt, Captain) and guests on the first tee. - 867 views
  • It was our Captains Charity Day last friday, and for the fourth year i was asked to do the photos. It was a gorgeous day so it made life a little easier. 18 holes, over 20 teams of four, and trying to ensure you capture everyone and using different tees, greens & fairways. Later on i have to show them on the large TV screen as a continuous slideshow throughout the evening meal and presentations. Quite a challenge believe me ! - 817 views
  • Acrylic on canvas - 935 views
  • This splendid machine sometimes needs two experienced mechanics to handle it. - 780 views
  • Always popular with the spectators, such a fantastic piece of engineering. - 900 views
  • Chevrolet Corvette absolutely stunning in red !! - 1092 views
  • World recognised Rolls Royce mascot, always seems to draw a crowd. - 882 views
  • Not many cars in pink these days, why not ? i think it looks great , well my grandaughter Faye really does ! - 760 views
  • Just a 'grabshot' of families having fun on the day. - 784 views
  • Having fun when you can, that's what life is all about ! - 783 views
  • Wonderful mascot on the radiator of this beautiful vintage car. - 970 views
  • These guys were incredible, jumping off roofs and tables and doing lots of other stunts without falling once. - 826 views
  • Plenty to admire here.. - 763 views
  • Another car in pristine condition. - 746 views
  • This shows my age... I remember these! - 916 views
  • Still they keep coming. - 859 views
  • Mercedes cars heading for the May Queen Field. - 769 views
  • Preparing for the day. - 749 views
  • Looking forward to a great fun day. - 903 views
  • Just another capture taken from the bridge at the start of the day. - 783 views
  • On my way down to the pub, i thought this scene looked nice, so i took the shot. - 1387 views
  • After an evening stroll around Lymm Dam with some of our Lymm Photographic Society members, we all decided that because of the poor light we would go down to our local pub (The Spread Eagle) and have a drink instead. I then decided to walk down through the lane which goes into the village, and spotted this...wasn't a waste of an evening after all, in my view . Incidentally, the beautiful golden tree in the middle of my shot is doomed to be cut down !!! what an awful thing to do. - 1090 views
  • Lymm Historic Transport Day - 1129 views
  • These guys did a great job, keeping the peace and making sure everything went happily and smoothly throughout the day. - 972 views
  • Nice idea, it's about time we dads got spoilt a bit ! - 1019 views
  • A traditional event held annualy in our village, when restaurants,pubs,confectioners,butchers,bakers & cafes etc, get together in the main street and  serve English, as well as
Italian,Chinese,Turkish,Spanish and many other types of food so we can all sample a little of each or a lot of the ones you like most. I'll post more pictures later today, Hope you like them. - 1290 views
  • The more the merrier for me ! - 835 views
  • These children were really loved by the crowd. - 976 views
  • A very popular stall. - 807 views
  • More dancing.. - 826 views
  • The salt & pepper spare ribs were absolutely gorgeous, as were the spicy chicken wings ! - 967 views
  • Keep going girls ! - 867 views
  • Delicious.... - 776 views
  • Dessert ?  yes please. - 954 views
  • Free entertainment and good food, you can't beat it ! - 857 views
  • Excellent performance - 793 views
  • The cakes as well ! - 799 views
  • Plenty of buisness being done on this stall too. - 867 views
  • Now this is what i call a relaxing way of life ! - 1082 views
  • These guys did a great job, keeping the village clean & tidy as well as helping out with lots of things, well done ! - 972 views
  • If you'd like to try something different, this was the stall for you. Beautiful game sandwiches & rolls etc full of tasty british wild game meat ! - 851 views


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