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Are there any Little Belters in your house?

Posted by Alan on Wednesday, 02 September 2015 at 08:43:47

Filed under: Announcements, Entertainment, Lymm, Music and nightlife, General, Lymm Festival

Some of you may have been involved with Lymm Big Sing over the past couple of years, over 100 people have sing with us,  so it is great to see a new group for your youngsters with a similar "no audition, sing for fun but do it right"  philosophy starting up in the village this month.  It would be great to have the two groups performing together at next Summer's Lymm Festival. 

Created especially for 5-11 year olds, Little Belters is a group for children who simply love to sing and a new group is launching in Lymm on Thursday 24th September.

Set up in 2012 by professional singers and sisters, Claire and Tina O’Brien, Little Belters currently has two thriving ensembles in Altrincham and Chorlton, where new members are welcomed throughout the year. Key to their success is a strict no-audition policy, all children are welcome whatever their ability.

The group in Lymm will rehearse every Thursday in term time from 4.45pm-5.45pm at the Youth and Community Centre on Bridgewater Street and they are RECRUITING MEMBERS NOW!

Little Belters’ members learn proper singing technique in a fun, fast-paced environment. There are lots of opportunities to perform whether it’s at prestigious venues like Manchester Cathedral, at local community events, on TV or in the recording studio.

Unlike a traditional choir, Little Belters run rehearsals like high energy, group singing lessons. They use all kinds of games, techniques and repertoire to develop children’s voices. The group approach is a cost-effective alternative to individual vocal tuition, and is particularly effective during primary years. It also means even the most timid child can participate as they are working as part of a team - this gives them time and space to develop confidence. As each Little Belter grows more relaxed and their vocal ability improves there are opportunities for solos, duets, trios and small group performances.

Claire says “We’re contacted all the time by parents who say their children never stop singing. At home, in the car, everywhere! These kids LOVE music….particularly pop music and we work with that rather than frowning upon it. We believe that learning to sing should be a joyful experience that leaves children feeling uplifted and happy. Children have to deal with a lot of stress, pressure and competition these days and singing provides a release from all that.”

If you know a child that simply loves singing, book them in for a free taster session, no audition necessary. Contact Tina on 07740 464507 or Claire on 07779 668204 email or visit to see Little Belters in action. 

Tags: choir, kids, fun, singing, little belters

Lymm Village Gallery Highlights for 12 December to 19 December 2014

Posted by Neil on Friday, 19 December 2014 at 09:01:02

Filed under: Media gallery, Photography

A Weekly Roundup of the Latest Images and Videos Added to the Gallery

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23 images have been added in the last week

Thanks to the following contributors:

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Another example of how beautiful Lymm Dam looks during the Autumn season.A lot of people seem to like this photo, iTwo beautiful horses, a lovely scene. - 7 viewsNarrowboat nightime procession. - 9 views
Another nice couple getting into the Dickensian spirit. - 54 viewsNarrowboat nightime procession. - 11 viewsThe town crier leads the way for the morris dancers. - 10 views
Stirring music from this accomplished brass band. - 6 viewsAnother narrowboat in the nightime procession - 10 viewsHere
Loads of santas doing the 5k run for charity. - 11 viewsVintage steam engine, always a big attraction. - 11 viewsMore fit and healthy santas doing their bit for charity. - 8 views
Vintage steamroller in tip top condition - 13 viewsChildren from Cherry Tree Primary school. - 11 viewsThis time it
Now itThis is my grandson with his school mates. - 9 viewsAnother colourful group of morris dancers entertaining the crowds. - 14 views
These youngsters are wonderfully entertaining, and support the village in all the festive occasions - 6 viewsStirring stuff from these children who gave their all. - 6 viewsAccompanied by a juggler and Santa with his reindeer and helper. - 6 views
This is the third group of morris dancers, everybody loves them. - 4 viewsLymm at War - 7 views

Tags: gallery, images, photography

Trains and Boats and Planes and Prams

Posted by Alan on Friday, 04 April 2014 at 16:20:09

Filed under: Events, Entertainment, Transport

Well its two months since we last wrote and Lymm Historic Transport Day is now taking shape amazingly. We are building on last year's great start and enthusiasm to create what we believe will soon be a major regional event that will attract massive interest from far and wide and bring in thousands of first time visitors to our village who will also hopefully return another time. We will be singing the praises of the village in this year's FREE programme. 

This year we are running not two but three days of canal heritiage education for local schools under the banner "WE LOVE OUR CANAL".  On June 29th itself we will have hundreds of classic vehicle like last year but this year we have not one but two vintage buses to and from the free car park at Lymm RugbyClub, You will see 20 ladies pushing their Victorian prams round the village. Look up and you'll see a pre-war bi-plane fly-apst. Walk around and discover the Steam Engine and Steam Roller Trail round the village plus fairground organs.  We've doubled the model railway count and kids can have a go at operating a Thomas the Tank Engine layout. Up on the field there will be miniature train and bus rides and by popular demand the stunt bike team are back plus  food, ales, market, live music .. You may even bump into Winston Churchill. The theme is the spirit of the 40s and 50s so get dressed up and join in the dancing .

An event like this involves a huge amount of a time from a small group of people ( all volunteers). On the day we need a small amount of time - preferably a day -  from a huge number of people. If you can help and support your village please call Alan Willams 01925 754080 The website is the place to go if you would like to exhibit or trade but don't delay we are running out of village to put you in !! 

Tags: lymm, historic, transport, classic, car, canal, steam, family, fun, model, railway, boat

Lymm Festival 2014

Posted by Neil on Monday, 17 March 2014 at 19:05:37

Filed under: Announcements, Festivals, Lymm Festival

Press Release via Alison Aldridge (Secretary)

A sizzling summer of success to follow some wonderful Winter Warmers is the aim of organisers of the Lymm Festival 2014.

From June 19th to 29th you can be certain that venues in the village will be offering a great range of events under sunny skies (less certain).

The star attraction will be Stuart Maconie, co-host of the BBC Radio 6 Music Show. Hopefully, his colleague Mark Radcliffe will have told him of the great Lymm welcome he got last year. Stuart will perform at the Statham Lodge Hotel on June 23rd.

Musical treats abound, Little Jo and the Misfits and Jon Brindley, who was at the Lymm Folk Club last month, will be returning on June 21st. There's a Sixties Night at the Lymm Hotel on June 19th and Blues Night at the Golf Club the following evening. Local singing talent will be in full voice at the Big Sing Night on June 24th.

Outdoors, Lymm Hall will be the delightful setting for a new innovation, an Edwardian Garden party on June 21st whilst the following day the popular Open Gardens returns.

Lymm will ring with laughter because, in addition to the, always popular Comedy Night, Simon Plumb is staging highlights from last winter's Rugby Club panto’ – ‘Scrooged.’

The Lymm Festival is increasingly a year round event. All four Winter Warmers were sell outs. Grateful thanks go to the appreciative audiences and the volunteers who put on memorable occasions, from Robert Powell and Gabrielle Drake ‘Celebrating Jane Austen’ and Stephen Hough's magical piano recital in St Peter's Church; to the Blues Night and film shows featuring ‘Frozen’ and ‘Philomena’ in a packed United Reformed Church on Brookfield Road.

All this augurs well for a great summer Lymm Festival and you can keep up to date with event and ticket information by going to the website.

If you are planning an event to be part of this year's festival, you haven't got long to make your application. Friday March 21st is the deadline for these to be returned. Forms are available from the Artistic Director Jacquie Davies at

Tags: lymm festival

Lymm Gallery Highlights for 07 June to 14 June 2013

Posted by Neil on Friday, 14 June 2013 at 10:01:00

Filed under: Media gallery, Photography

A Weekly Roundup of the Latest Images and Videos Added to the Gallery

Find out how to add your own images.

24 images have been added in the last week

Thanks to the following contributors:

Click individual images to view or visit the Gallery.

Which Image is Your Favourite?

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Things are beginning to get started in the 2013 May Queen Day. - 1 viewsOughtrington Primary School children and their mums thoroughly enjoying the occasion. - 1 viewsThe Fred Flintstones float brought great applause from the crowds - 1 views
The Flintstones are rocking - 1 viewsPlenty of action on this float - 1 viewsImpressive marching in front of this years May Queen gave this procession the WOW factor - 1 views
Excellent control and discipline from this group, brought more great applause from the onlookers. - 1 viewsOughtrington CP school float drew a lot of applause, and you could see the mums following it were enjoying every minuet. - 1 viewsAnother float loaded with happiness. - 1 views
Everyone waiting for the start of another great May Queen Day. - 2 viewsGreat music coming from this band certainly added to this wonderful ,traditional occasion. - 1 viewsThese girls walked and danced their way through the village twice - 0 views
This is our village May Queen for 2013. - 2 viewsHard to capture these princesses because of the rails on the float, but i did manage to get a couple of smiles and waves - 1 viewsAnother great float, this time from Lymm Cruising Club - 1 views
A great bunch of amateur actors/actresses singing old More children having a wonderful time - 1 viewsGreat fun - 1 views
Smartly dressed and impressive marching - 1 viewsand the band played on - 1 viewsPupils from Lymm High School playing their music all the way round - 1 views
A really colourful float with an Hawaiian feel - 1 viewsEllie and her beautiful little rosebuds on the float - 2 viewsRoyal Recognition - 1 views

Tags: gallery, images, photography


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