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Lymm Underground Fine Art Prints

Posted by Sarah on Wednesday, 30 September 2015 at 13:29:52

Filed under: Entertainment, Lymm, General, Shopping

Whilst many of the world's largest conurbations have underground railways Lymm has, since the withdrawal of rail services in 1962, unfortunately gone without!

View Map

However, here is a faithfully drawn map based on the geography of Lymm including where the stations would likely be! The names of the lines are based on local geography/history, designation of the water courses, Lymm Dam and canals etc. Additionally water boat and cable car services are also shown.

From the map you will of course be able to work out that a journey from L.A. (Latchford area of course!) to Lymm RFC would involve a six station journey to Brookfield, a short hop on the Bollin to Central and six stops down on the Domville to Lymm RFC (which of course has extra services on match day)!

This map would make a lovely display in any home with its vibrant colours, interesting local information and, above all, it is a bit of fun for us all to imagine "what if" and of course MIND THE GAP!

The map of Lymm Underground is a high quality fine art print (A2 sized) on 180 gsm art paper suitable for display and costs £20.

It is available from Mike Cochrane either from eBay or directly at If ordering directly by email please leave your name, address and phone number and if you are in the Lymm area the map will be delivered to you directly.

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Lymm Festival 2014 Tickets Now Available

Posted by Neil on Tuesday, 06 May 2014 at 11:28:02

Filed under: Announcements, Lymm Festival

Tickets are now available on line for the great Lymm Festival. Visit to book for the wide variety of talent and events coming to the village from June 19th to 29th.

For Lymm residents printed programmes will be dropping through your door in the middle of this month, but if you live further away please take a look at the website.

TV and radio star Justin Moorhouse will be part of the Comedy Night line up at the Rugby Club Marquee on June 19th.

A first for the festival will be the Chester Cathedral Nave choir. They'll be at St Peter's Church on June 26th with an evensong specially written for the event. Returning favourites are the Big Sing(June 24) and Dr Jazz and the Cheshire Cats on June 29th

The weather will be gorgeous of course and there is plenty to enjoy outdoors including an Edwardian Garden Party in the elegant surroundings of Lymm Hall on June 21st. Join local artists Julie Scott and Will Swindlehurst for an afternoon of sketching on June 22 and Honor Giles for her tales of fantastical adventures at Oughtrington Community Orchard on June 28th. There will also be poems to spot on the Trans Pennine Trail throughout the festival.

Transport Day made a very successful début last year and it is full steam ahead for this year's event on June 29th. The theme is “Spirit of the 40s and 50s with Winston Churchill mingling with the classic cars , historic canal boats and model railways.

New this year to refresh you after all these activities will be Lymm Festivale. The light hoppy beer is being brewed by the Lymm Brewery Co. and will be available at many events and at the Brewery Tap in the village as well as Castello's bars in Altrincham and Stockton Heath.

Start booking your tickets at

(via Alison Aldridge)

Tags: festival

Lymm Among Best Places to Live

Posted by Neil on Friday, 14 March 2014 at 10:49:31

Filed under: Announcements, Lymm, Awards, General

Lymm has been named in the list of the top places to live in Britain.

In the Sunday Times Best Places to Live in Britain, Lymm is one of the places to be named in the list which contains 101 great cities, towns and villages. Only 10 north west locations are listed.

Clr Ian Marks (LYMM - LD) said he was delighted that Lymm and Warrington had been chosen.

Active Village Community

"My wife Pam and I have lived here for over 40 years and we have no regrets about choosing Lymm for our home. We are blessed with a very attractive village centre and an environment with plenty of excellent walks and places to see. We have first class communications with motorways, railway stations and airports not to mention canals within easy distance. We are fortunate in having a very active village community with many highly successful annual events and festivals and voluntary organisations to cater for all tastes."

The guide combines data and statistics such as crime rates, house prices and school performance as well as the local knowledge from Sunday Times writers to compile the definitive top 101 best locations to make your home.

The places were selected for offering the best quality of life to the widest number of people, and combining desirable features such as a positive community spirit, good local shops and services and attractive outdoor spaces.

Tags: lymm

MP Says High Speed Two Should Happen

Posted by Neil on Monday, 02 December 2013 at 12:38:41

Filed under: Interview, Political, Landmarks, General, Surrounding areas

Warrington South MP David Mowat believes there is no case for the HS2 spur which will cut through swathes of the town.

In this exclusive article the Conservative MP reiterated his overall support for a new high speed railway from London to the north west but questioned whether the spur linking from the West Coast Mainline in Wigan to High Legh was needed.

Back in September, on a cold, rainy Friday night, 200 people packed into Lymm Youth Club for a political meeting. No, really.

The people there that night came because they cared about the future of Lymm and about how that future could be affected by the new HS2 railway line which will just touch the outskirts of Agden.

I am and remain a firm supporter of HS2 and my job that night was to defend the project.

David MowatHowever, since that night, I have reflected on some of the views that were put to me. I have to admit that I wasn’t fully aware of the scale of the disruption that would be caused, both in the construction phase and once the line is operational.

Although the line itself will only be in my constituency for about a mile, because of the geography of the land at that point (the line cuts across the Mersey flood plain), the line will be either largely or wholly on a viaduct. Because it has to cross the Manchester Ship Canal at a height which will allow ships to pass under it, the viaduct would need to be equivalent in height to the Thelwall viaduct.

In addition, there will also be several junctions on the line close to my constituency which will require much wider sections of land, increasing the disruption. Although it is important to point out that the line will be more than two miles from the centre of Lymm.

Since then I’ve met with a couple of residents whose homes will be directly affected and I’ve also met with representatives from the local campaign groups.

As a result of these discussions, I have altered my position on HS2.

I remain a firm supporter of the principle of HS2. The way to drive growth outside of London is not – as HS2 opponents have ludicrously claimed – by cutting London off from everywhere else, but by increasing and improving our existing connections.

That said, I do not believe that there is any case for the current “spur” which will connect the main Manchester to Birmingham High Speed line at High Legh, with the existing West Coast Main Line at Wigan.

In order to get the new line up to Wigan, it will have to cross: the M56 (twice, because of the junction), A56, Manchester Ship Canal, both Liverpool to Manchester railway lines, the M62 and the East Lancs road.

At a very rough guess, I would say that the cost of this spur is about £1bn. And, because of the curvature of the track on this section, the trains would not be able to travel at maximum speed Much has been said and written about the Business Case for HS2, but that is based solely on a railway line linking London, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds. Nowhere in the business case can I find an economic justification for this particular stretch of track.

If there are benefits to this section, HS2 Ltd should have made them clear in the business case – indeed it is likely that the current benefit-cost ratio of 2.6 to 1 would need revising upwards. However, I suspect the reason the benefits of this section weren’t included is because they don’t exist.

We therefore have a situation whereby we are preparing to spend £1bn on a section of track which will bring no economic benefit.

I’ve written to the Transport Secretary to make this precise point to him and raised it in a recent Commons debate on HS2. I’ve also spoken to a number of MPs in neighbouring constituencies who have also expressed concerns about this particular Spur.

The new Chief Executive of HS2 Ltd has been told, in no uncertain terms, by Number 10, that he must do all he can to cut the cost of HS2. Here’s one idea which will save £1bn straight away.

Article courtesy of the Warrington Guardian.

Tags: High Speed Two, hs2, mp, David Mowat

Support Against HS2 Plan Gathers

Posted by Neil on Wednesday, 31 July 2013 at 16:19:39

Filed under: Announcements, Political

Village Hall Was Venue for Residents Opposition

More than 100 people packed into a village hall to show their opposition to plans for High Speed Two.

An awareness meeting was held in Little Bollington earlier last month to give residents from Agden, Broomedge and Lymm East the chance to hear more about the project. It would see the route of the new train line pass through these areas.

Organised by action group ABLE (Agden, Broomedge, Lymm East) Roger Waller, treasurer of STOP HS2, and Jenny Waller, from the Chilterns, spoke about HS2 on a national level.

While there was also a presentation by ABLE group members demonstrating the impact this major infrastructure would have on the area.

Louise Grantham, chairman of ABLE, said: “To see so many people support the campaign against HS2 was terrific. Consultations on this phase of HS2 started last week and finish on January 31. It is imperative that everyone now looks at how Lymm, and the surrounding areas, will be affected and make their feelings known by responding." Two officers attended from Warrington Borough Council’s transport department.

The council has now received and published the reply from its letter addressed to HS2 Limited expressing disappointment with the route.

Information packs were compiled showing maps, press cuttings and the contact details for MPs.

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