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No Supermarket Confirmed for Lymm

Posted by Neil on Thursday, 12 February 2015 at 15:36:55

Filed under: Political, Business, Surrounding areas, Shopping

Detailed plans to open a food shop on the former site of Rushgreen Services in Lymm have been submitted.

Developers Brookhouse have sent Warrington Borough Council a planning application to clear the former petrol station site on Rushgreen Road and to build a supermarket in its place.

The detailed application follows outline planning permission being given the go ahead last year.

It is for a slightly bigger supermarket than originally suggested, with 57 car parking spaces and the creation of 25 jobs. A report included in the application states the potential owners of the supermarket still do not want to be named.

It adds: "The proposed supermarket would be of a modest scale. However, it would be larger than any existing provision at Lymm and provide the opportunity for local residents to undertake weekly shopping, thereby avoiding trips to large supermarkets at Altrincham, Warrington, Stockton Heath or elsewhere. The proposal would also introduce choice and competition from which local people would benefit."

A survey of shopping habits among people in Lymm, included in the application, showed that the most popular destination for households in the WA13 post code area is Morrisons at Greenalls Avenue, 16 per cent, followed by Sainsbury’s at Warrington 10 per cent, Sainsbury’s at Altrincham, 8 per cent, Tesco at Altrincham 6 per cent and Waitrose at Altrincham, 5 per cent.

The report concludes: "The proposed development is significantly larger in scale than the existing Sainsbury’s Local store in Lymm Village Centre or the Co-operative stores and Costcutter elsewhere in Lymm. It will therefore provide more opportunity for local people to undertake their main food and grocery shopping locally at Lymm. In this respect the current proposal is larger than the outline scheme. It will provide a greater choice and avoid the need to travel to large foodstores, at least for some main shopping trips."

A decision will be made on the application later this year.

Article courtesy of the Warrington Guardian.

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New Lymm Supermarket Approved

Posted by Neil on Tuesday, 23 September 2014 at 09:22:30

Filed under: Announcements, Openings, Lymm, Business, Surrounding areas

Warrington Council has signed off plans for a 6,500 sq ft convenience store, on the site of a former petrol station in Rushgreen Road.

The project is being brought forward by Sale-based property development and investment company Brookhouse Group. The occupier of the store is yet to be named.

Development of the store will include parking for 57 cars.

Tom Whitehead, town planning manager at Brookhouse, said: "This is a fantastic result and we now look forward to further progressing the proposal, including confirming the operator.

"As well as bringing this derelict land back into use, the store will offer a number of benefits to the local community. The supportive feedback we received highlighted that many residents are looking forward to the prospect of new jobs and greater choice as well as the chance to carry out more of their food shopping in Lymm instead of surrounding towns."

Earlier this year, nearly 400 people attended a public exhibition on the plans. Responses received during and after the event, indicated that the majority were in favour of the proposal. Planning officers had also recommended that the scheme be approved.

Construction is likely to start later this year with the new store expected to be open in summer 2015. The architect for the store is Cassidy + Ashton.

Courtesy of Place Northwest.

Tags: shopping

18 Month Trial for Double Yellow Lines

Posted by Neil on Tuesday, 12 August 2014 at 08:16:30

Filed under: Announcements, Lymm, Political, Village centre

New parking restrictions have been brought into the centre of Lymm as part of an 18-month trial. Temporary double yellow lines were put down overnight recently on Brookfield Road. And the plan is they will stay there for the next 18 months before a decision is made over whether to make them permanent.

They have been brought in following long-term complaints from residents over double parking on the road. However traders fear the move will further discourage shoppers from entering the village, after free parking was reduced to just an hour.

Clr Sheila Woodyatt, a former Mayor of Warrington, is Conservative councillor for Lymm. She said: “It is a trial for 18 months to see if it resolves the terrible traffic problems round there. It is ridiculous at times – people park on both sides of the roads and we have had complaints that it can be impossible to get past. It has taken years for the council to do something about it and at long last they have taken action."

“I understand the traders are not happy about it but realistically, short of digging the village up and starting again, we don’t have much choice. There is a 19th century road scheme for the 21st century.”

And she said keeping a two hour free parking limit in the official car parks would be a better way of resolving the ongoing problems. She added: “I personally think the best way would have been to have people pay as they leave. Then there would be time for people to have lunch and do their shopping.”

Tags: parking, politics

Car Free Village Centre

Posted by Neil on Friday, 04 April 2014 at 09:28:10

Filed under: Interview, Business, Transport, General, Village centre, Shopping

(Via Steve Griffiths, Chairman, Lymm Youth and Community Association)

The entrepreneurial vision and vibrancy of many of the traders at the recent meeting in Lymm aimed at increasing footfall for village shops was impressive. The common theme coming through was that Lymm needs to capitalise more on its existing and under-developed assets – Lymm Dam, Bridgewater Canal, Trans-pennine Trail, Slitten Gorge, Lymm Cross and the pretty Village Centre, etc. – and become a convenient day-out destination for visitors from nearby urban centres. There are retail opportunities here but it will require a change of policy with weekend opening (additionally, at least on a Sunday afternoon) and spread of activity onto the streets to encourage browsers.

There are those, though, that need to shop locally – the young, old, disabled and disadvantaged – who want staple items such as fresh fish and vegetables as confirmed in the traders own survey. Under the current market driven economy, there appears to be insufficient return to retain such shops, with the profits coming from selling “those little extra treats”. Many of these staple commodities are sold at viable prices by the Thursday Market on Henry Street Car Park and it would seriously disadvantage many in the local community if this facility was lost. There is no doubt though that loss of a Car Park causes loss of trade in local shops and inconvenience and increased risk driving through the chicane which is Brookfield Road parking on Thursdays. The suggestions to move the market into the adjoining Lymm Youth and Community Centre would be acceptable in principle to the LYCA Board but would cause some organisational difficulties to both existing users of the Centre and to Market Traders. These may not be insuperable but would contribute little to the vibrancy of the Village.

The long term solution must be to stop through traffic in the Village Centre and enable the market traders and existing retail outlets to spread onto the streets. It is noticeable that all the events that pack the village are when it is shut to traffic – Duck Race, Dickensian Christmas, Christmas Eve Carol Service, Food Fest, May Queen, etc. It would of course be wrong to suggest that it’s just the absence of cars that brings the people but a pedestrianized area would open opportunities for more regular additional small events with increased footfall. Additionally preventing through traffic other than buses, emergency and service vehicles along the front of the Lower Dam would free up areas for additional parking (for disabled?) along one side of The Cross. Brookfield and Danebank Roads would become the main thoroughfare with yellow lines along one side at least. Displaced parked cars could be accommodated on lower Eagle Brow, Bridgewater Street and part of Whitbarrow Road if these were made one-way in an anticlockwise direction.

In the past much has been made of the potential loss of passing trade but those few brave enough to risk the ever-present Traffic Wardens would surely be more than replaced by the creation of a more “user-friendly” Village Centre. It is conspicuous that those most vociferous about being dependant on passing trade – Dobsons Newsagents and Stephanie Florists – left the village within a month of blocking the most recent attempt at a car free village - leaving us with our unwanted and unfriendly traffic.

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Highways Probe Into Village Parking

Posted by Neil on Tuesday, 29 October 2013 at 19:37:56

Filed under: Announcements, Lymm, Political

A village wide audit of parking in Lymm is to be carried out by borough council bosses. Residents have been told that unless they agree to the suggestions highways officials come up with, no changes will be made.

Parking Problems

Parking problems have been attracting complaints from residents across Lymm.

Traders say their business has been down 20 to 30 per cent on last year since free parking was cut from two hours to one in Pepper Street, Davies Way and Henry Street car parks.

While those living near the Co-op on Cherry Lane have also had reason to complain about parked cars blocking drives in nearby cul-de-sacs. Clr Sheila Woodyatt (Lymm – CON) said problems with parking are evident across Lymm.

“I went into the village this morning and the car parks were empty and yet Brookfield Road was packed with vehicles. The council needs to look at it and go back to two hours free parking, one is not enough. It is so easy to run out of time when you nip into the village. Footfall is down which is not good for the traders and the life of the village.”

The wider review has come about after an initial one for Cherry Lane was turned down by residents.

“The suggestions the borough council came up with were not acceptable so they have agreed to do a wider review which we have been after for years. But they say if the recommendations from that are not accepted, there will do nothing,” added Clr Woodyatt.

Article courtesy of This is Cheshire.

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