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18 Month Trial for Double Yellow Lines

Posted by Neil on Tuesday, 12 August 2014 at 08:16:30

Filed under: Announcements, Lymm, Political, Village centre

New parking restrictions have been brought into the centre of Lymm as part of an 18-month trial. Temporary double yellow lines were put down overnight recently on Brookfield Road. And the plan is they will stay there for the next 18 months before a decision is made over whether to make them permanent.

They have been brought in following long-term complaints from residents over double parking on the road. However traders fear the move will further discourage shoppers from entering the village, after free parking was reduced to just an hour.

Clr Sheila Woodyatt, a former Mayor of Warrington, is Conservative councillor for Lymm. She said: “It is a trial for 18 months to see if it resolves the terrible traffic problems round there. It is ridiculous at times – people park on both sides of the roads and we have had complaints that it can be impossible to get past. It has taken years for the council to do something about it and at long last they have taken action."

“I understand the traders are not happy about it but realistically, short of digging the village up and starting again, we don’t have much choice. There is a 19th century road scheme for the 21st century.”

And she said keeping a two hour free parking limit in the official car parks would be a better way of resolving the ongoing problems. She added: “I personally think the best way would have been to have people pay as they leave. Then there would be time for people to have lunch and do their shopping.”

Tags: parking, politics

Stunning Video of Lymm From Above

Posted by Neil on Wednesday, 09 July 2014 at 08:44:08

Filed under: Announcements, Entertainment, Lymm, Photography, Landmarks, Surrounding areas, Village centre

Check out this amazing video of Lymm from above!

We *love* it. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Courtesy of David Fox.

Tags: video, lymm, sky, arial

Police Warning Following Phone Scam

Posted by Neil on Tuesday, 11 February 2014 at 15:19:04

Filed under: Announcements, Appeals for Information, Crime

Cheshire Police have issued a warning after a number of people recently fell victim to phone fraudsters.

Police are aware of several incidents in Warrington, in particular in Lymm, where elderly people have been told that their bank cards had been compromised and needed to be cancelled.

They are then advised to hang up and ring the bank or police back to ensure the call is genuine. The offender stays on the line so the caller believes they are genuine.

They then tell the victim that a courier will pick up the cards and that there will be a charge for this. The cards are then picked up from the victim′s address and used by the offenders to steal money from their account.

PC James Read said: "Not only do they take money from your account; they charge you a fee for the privilege. Don′t be afraid to put the phone down on someone if you are unsure about handing over details. Banks never call and ask for your four-digit card Pin or ask you to withdraw money to hand over to them or transfer money to another account."

Article courtesy of the Warrington Guardian.

Tags: scam, police


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