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Lymm Produce Show 2014

Posted by Neil on Sunday, 28 September 2014 at 19:37:43

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Plans in place for new Lymm Produce Show

Organisers of the second Lymm Produce Show were so pleased with how it went, they are already planning for 2015.

Challengers came forward to battle it out to be best baker, top brewer, and perfect pie maker earlier this month at Oughtrington Community Centre.

Now they have an extra hot challenge planned for next year when the event will be held on September 7. Organiser Jo Yellen explains: "We thought we would have a chilli competition.

"What we haven’t decided is whether to have a chilli tasting competition too. So if you know about chillies and think you can judge them please get in touch. If you enjoyed the show you can start planning your entry for next year. While we do change some of the categories you can bank on us having beans & tomatoes classes. However you can bank on us having ‘wild card’ class."

The theme for this year's show was the the bugs have landed in the orchard with lots of bugs and a bug hotel to amuse the visitors.

This year, competition was so close in the bread category that winners Maxine Smith and Jen Muphy shared the Lymm & District Round Table Bakers Shield as the judge couldn’t choose between two very different breads - a batch and a fig & walnut loaf.

Donald Reid managed to keep his Lymm & District Round Table Brewer Shield for his home brew beer, winning both first and second in that category. And a new pie class was sponsored by Lymm Ladies with Ruth Warren's savoury beetroot, cheese and onion Pie winning.

The children's competitions were also keenly contested, especially in the shortest bean and favourite bake categories.

Also on show to visitors were produce from the Oughtrington Community Orchard's apple press. That is available to rent at or get in touch at If you have ideas for next year's produce show, email


Tags: show, food, prize

Lymm Among Best Places to Live

Posted by Neil on Friday, 14 March 2014 at 10:49:31

Filed under: Announcements, Lymm, Awards, General

Lymm has been named in the list of the top places to live in Britain.

In the Sunday Times Best Places to Live in Britain, Lymm is one of the places to be named in the list which contains 101 great cities, towns and villages. Only 10 north west locations are listed.

Clr Ian Marks (LYMM - LD) said he was delighted that Lymm and Warrington had been chosen.

Active Village Community

"My wife Pam and I have lived here for over 40 years and we have no regrets about choosing Lymm for our home. We are blessed with a very attractive village centre and an environment with plenty of excellent walks and places to see. We have first class communications with motorways, railway stations and airports not to mention canals within easy distance. We are fortunate in having a very active village community with many highly successful annual events and festivals and voluntary organisations to cater for all tastes."

The guide combines data and statistics such as crime rates, house prices and school performance as well as the local knowledge from Sunday Times writers to compile the definitive top 101 best locations to make your home.

The places were selected for offering the best quality of life to the widest number of people, and combining desirable features such as a positive community spirit, good local shops and services and attractive outdoor spaces.

Tags: lymm

Lymm Scientist Wins Award to End Animal Testing

Posted by Neil on Monday, 13 January 2014 at 08:27:52

Filed under: Announcements, Awards, Political

Lymm Scientist Awarded £25K for Animal Testing Fight

A Lymmm scientist, who is committed to finding alternatives to animal testing, has been awarded £25,000 to carry on with her tireless work and to continue to train the scientists of tomorrow. Carol Barker-Treasure picked up the Lush training prize 2013 for her services to the replacement of animals in testing.

The 45-year-old, who set up XCellR8 in 2008, said: “Of course I really hoped that we would win. We were really excited about it but didn’t expect it.”

For the past five years, the company, which is based at the Innovation Centre at Sci-Tech Daresbury, have been hosting cell culture training events for both scientists and students.

Carol said: “It is crucial to educate the next generation of scientists about the ethical and scientific benefits of using human cell based alternatives to traditional animal tests. By enabling young scientists to take this knowledge forward into their careers, our goal is to help reduce the number of scientists resorting to unethical and outdated animal test methods in the future."

XCellR8 have already trained approximately 400 scientists in the procedure, which uses human cells instead of animals to test products. After winning the cash prize, the company will now be able to open up the training to more people.

Carol, who has a PhD from the Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Research Alternatives Laboratory at the University of Nottingham, has been determined to prevent the testing of animals since she began working with FRAME in the 90s.

“Some people are still doing animal testing because they think it’s cheaper but that’s not true. It’s about educating people.”

The Lush prize is a major initiative by the international high street cosmetics company, who hope to make safety testing without the use of animals the only way forward. For more information visit

Article courtesy of the Warrington Guardian.

Tags: science, award

MBE Honour for Lymm Campaigner

Posted by Neil on Monday, 06 January 2014 at 11:21:26

Filed under: Announcements, Awards

MBE Honour for Lymm Road Safety Campaigner

A Road safety campaigner from Lymm swapped 20mph roads for the red carpet as he was handed with his MBE from the Queen.

Rod King went to Buckingham Palace for his investiture last week after picking up an MBE for his services to road safety. He has been working as campaign director of 20s Plenty, a group who have been working to encourage authorities across the country to bring in 20mph road speed limits on residential roads.

As well as Warrington signing up to the idea of lower limits other major cities including Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham have signed up. Rod set the group in 2007 as a voluntary organisation to support communities wanting lower road speed limits.

He said: "To be honoured with an MBE for services to road safety is significant not only as recognition of my personal efforts but also of the enormous progress which has been made in establishing lower speeds as the norm on community roads. We are moving from a past tradition of accepting that motor vehicles could dominate where people lived, worked and shopped into one where we share the streets more equitably and enable people to choose to walk or cycle without fear of fast traffic. It acknowledges the aspiration and efforts of individuals, communities, Councillors and council officers around the country who simply want to make their places better places to be."

The group now has 216 local campaigns across the country and has recently launched a Time for 20 campaign which calls for the Department for Transport to change regulations so that repeater signs are not needed on 20mph streets, but only on remaining 30mph roads.

"It really is 'Time for 20' and this honour is very gratefully received. Perhaps most of all it signifies that 20’s Plenty for Us is much more than a campaign for change, but is a movement towards a more civilised way of sharing our streets," he added.

Article courtesy of This is Cheshire.

Tags: MBE, road safety

Lymm Teacher Picks Up Award

Posted by Neil on Tuesday, 10 December 2013 at 18:06:48

Filed under: Announcements, Lymm, School

Lymm Teacher Picks Up Award For His Dedication

An ‘inspiring’ teacher from Lymm was rewarded for his selfless efforts and dedication to raising the aspirations of young people at a college in Warrington.

Mark Salmon, a senior tutor at Priestley College, was named Young People’s Champion at the recent O2 Awards.

The honour recognised his determination to ensure high fliers at Priestley reach the UK’s top universities while also offering support to others during their A Levels or BTEC studies.

Mark, who has been a tutor at the college for 13 years, said: “My passion for this comes from never wanting to give up on anybody. I want all students to leave us with the skills they need to succeed in life.”

The history tutor also launched The Graduate programme at the college three years ago, which has already proved as an invaluable service to the 150 pupils who have already used it.

One of the main goals of the programme was to shatter any preconceptions they may have about universities.

Mark added: “I want to break down any barriers about what they believe they can achieve.”

Colleague Fran Evans, who nominated Mark for the award, said: “Mark’s work on The Graduate has been inspiring to so many students and made a difference to their lives.”

Tags: lymm, teacher


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