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The Addams Family Musical Comedy

Posted by Sarah on Wednesday, 14 October 2015 at 11:11:49

Filed under: Events, Announcements, Entertainment, Music and nightlife, Surrounding areas

The Addams Family - The Musical!

Knutsford Musical Theatre Company (KMTC) is a small, friendly amateur musical theatre society that has been performing shows since 1943 and who aim to put on two shows every year.

KMTC  is pleased to announce that their next show is the Addams Family. The story in the musical is drawn entirely from the original cartoons rather than the TV or movie series. The original show opened at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, Broadway on March 8, 2010, costing $15m to produce. By June 2011 it had had over 500 performances and grossed $62m.

The Addams Family Musical by the KMTC will be showing at Northwich Memorial Court from 28th - 31st October 2015!  You can buy tickets on the KMTC website.

This truly ghoulish comedy musical comes to you at Halloween this year.  The show opens with an annual gathering of all family members (living, dead, and undecided) in a graveyard. 

The plot revolves around every father's nightmare.  Gomez Addams is caught in an impossible situation as his daughter, Wednesday Addams (the ultimate princess-of-darkness) has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet young man from a respectable family.  

If that weren't upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother, Morticia.  Gomez  must do something he's never done before - keep a secret from his beloved wife.  Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday's 'normal' boyfriend and his parents. 

With a dynamic cast and direction team, The Addams Family will build on the recent sucesses of this vibrant theatre company.

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Are there any Little Belters in your house?

Posted by Alan on Wednesday, 02 September 2015 at 08:43:47

Filed under: Announcements, Entertainment, Lymm, Music and nightlife, General, Lymm Festival

Some of you may have been involved with Lymm Big Sing over the past couple of years, over 100 people have sing with us,  so it is great to see a new group for your youngsters with a similar "no audition, sing for fun but do it right"  philosophy starting up in the village this month.  It would be great to have the two groups performing together at next Summer's Lymm Festival. 

Created especially for 5-11 year olds, Little Belters is a group for children who simply love to sing and a new group is launching in Lymm on Thursday 24th September.

Set up in 2012 by professional singers and sisters, Claire and Tina O’Brien, Little Belters currently has two thriving ensembles in Altrincham and Chorlton, where new members are welcomed throughout the year. Key to their success is a strict no-audition policy, all children are welcome whatever their ability.

The group in Lymm will rehearse every Thursday in term time from 4.45pm-5.45pm at the Youth and Community Centre on Bridgewater Street and they are RECRUITING MEMBERS NOW!

Little Belters’ members learn proper singing technique in a fun, fast-paced environment. There are lots of opportunities to perform whether it’s at prestigious venues like Manchester Cathedral, at local community events, on TV or in the recording studio.

Unlike a traditional choir, Little Belters run rehearsals like high energy, group singing lessons. They use all kinds of games, techniques and repertoire to develop children’s voices. The group approach is a cost-effective alternative to individual vocal tuition, and is particularly effective during primary years. It also means even the most timid child can participate as they are working as part of a team - this gives them time and space to develop confidence. As each Little Belter grows more relaxed and their vocal ability improves there are opportunities for solos, duets, trios and small group performances.

Claire says “We’re contacted all the time by parents who say their children never stop singing. At home, in the car, everywhere! These kids LOVE music….particularly pop music and we work with that rather than frowning upon it. We believe that learning to sing should be a joyful experience that leaves children feeling uplifted and happy. Children have to deal with a lot of stress, pressure and competition these days and singing provides a release from all that.”

If you know a child that simply loves singing, book them in for a free taster session, no audition necessary. Contact Tina on 07740 464507 or Claire on 07779 668204 email or visit to see Little Belters in action. 

Tags: choir, kids, fun, singing, little belters

Marathon Bid for Mum

Posted by Rachel on Thursday, 09 April 2015 at 14:40:39

Filed under: Events, Announcements, Sports, Lymm, Interview, Charity, Business, Village centre

A Lymm mum is running the London Marathon for Mind to highlight how exercise can help people overcome post natal depression. Jennifer Emmess, 31, is hoping raise nearly £2000 for the mental health charity by running the 26.2 mile race on Sunday April 26th.

Jennifer, a nurse, who is mum to Harry, four, and Eva, two, says she knows only too well the benefits running or any exercise in general can  have if you are suffering from depression. She said: “ I think there should be more information out there about how exercise can help, particularly with women who have just had children.

“Medication is often needed, but I believe exercise should play a key role in a woman's treatment plan alongside this. “Even if it's just getting out for a brisk walk. This can be very hard if you are feeling low, so friends and family need to help and encourage it as much as they can. 

“By supporting Mind I want to reinforce the message that exercise really is important. I know from being a mum myself that you need that time to yourself. I want to encourage women to share how they might be feeling so that they can get on the road to feeling better, rather than suffering in silence.”

Jennifer  has to raise a total of £1750 and is only £400 off reaching her target, having arranged cake sales and a Tropic skin care party to boost her appeal.

Next week, along with her friend Clare Singleton, 41, she is putting on a Mothball event at the Spread Eagle pub in Lymm. Tickets cost £10 for the event on April 11th and guests can either come along in their wedding dress, or a bridesmaids dress, or simply dress as they would do for a wedding.

She said: “I hope plenty of people can come along to support me and enjoy a good drink and a dance. I will be on water though as I have the race two weeks later!”

Jennifer had only ever run six miles when she decided to sign up to the event last October, and has had some setbacks in training, hurting her foot and knee which has meant she’s needed to rest for the last four weeks.

But she’s determined to cross the finish line and says when she struggles she thinks about how far she has come from barely exercising at all to doing a marathon. She explained: “So far my longest run has been 14 miles and for the last mile I could barely put one foot in front of the other. But I just tell myself to dig deep, think about how the money I raise will help people who really are struggling, and remember how running has helped me feel strong and positive.

“I was on target to finish in four hours before my injury but I don’t think I’ll make that now, but as long as I cross the finish line I will be really happy.”

The Mothball event is at the Spread Eagle, Lymm, on April 11th from 8pm, tickets £10.

To sponsor Jennifer go to

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New Lymm Supermarket to be Netto

Posted by Neil on Monday, 16 March 2015 at 20:00:00

Filed under: Announcements, Political, Shopping

The identity of a supermarket due to be built in Lymm has been revealed.

Secrecy has surrounded which retailer would take over the Rushgreen Road site but it was revealed as Netto when a sign was put up notifying residents that an application for a licence had been submitted to Warrington Borough Council.

Planning permission has been granted for a store on the site of the former Rushgreen Road service station but residents say they were led to believe the application was for a ‘high-end supermarket’.

They have launched a petition calling on the council to oppose the building of a Netto and to re-consult residents as ‘it is not an upmarket supermarket as promised’.

Cllr Ian Marks, a Liberal Democrat representative for Lymm, said: “The company has been inept in the way the name has leaked out. I cannot believe their PR people intended this.

“I had no idea whatsoever who the supermarket was going to be and Netto was not a company that had even crossed my mind. What is upsetting people is that the original consultation document put out by the developer, Brookhouse, stated that the proposal was for ‘a new high-quality food store in Lymm’.

“As well as meaning a quality design for the building, this was interpreted by most people including myself as meaning an upmarket company. Names such as Waitrose, Booths and M&S were suggested by residents.”

Netto is a Danish discount supermarket which traded in the UK under its own name until it was bought out by ASDA in 2010 before returning in November 2014 in a joint venture with Sainsbury’s.

“Rightly or wrongly Netto is perceived to be a downmarket company and is not what people expected,” said Cllr Marks. It has generated real anger and an online petition to try and have it stopped.”

He said there was a real concern that as Netto is a joint venture with Sainsbury’s, the store in the centre of Lymm, an anchor store that brings footfall to the village centre, is at risk.

Cllr Pam Marks who is chairman of the Parish Council’s Planning Committee added: “Although I am disappointed at the identity of the tenant, under planning law, knowing the name could not have affected our decision to support the application.

“People are saying the store is being built on the greenbelt but this is not true because the greenbelt starts behind this brownfield site.”

Tom Whitehead, town planning manager at Brookhouse, said: “We have been bound by a contract with the retailer to keep the identity quiet. Because the site sits next to a listed building we have to make a particular effort with the design and it will be a high-quality building. We held a public consultation at the time and about 400 people turned up, some of them wanted a Booths or an M&S but there was an equal number of participants who wanted to see a discount store.”

Here are just a few of the reasons residents gave for signing the petition –

Tracey Wilkinson: Lymm residents wanted somewhere local to do a full weeks shopping and Netto does not offer enough choice and doesn't supply food from local producers/farmers. I will continue shopping out of town if this store comes to Lymm. Locals feel ignored and disappointed!

Ian Walkley: We've been miss sold in a very underhand manner, without a 2nd thought to the impact that this will have on the local infrastructure.

Anna Fradgley: I appreciate that we need development in Lymm. I was a bit concerned that the already very busy Rushgreen Road will become busier because of traffic, but we were promised a upmarket store. Turns out we have been 'hoodwinked'. Netto is at the opposite end of the spectrum!!!!! Do you think that we are stupid? How is this going to benefit Lymm residents? I think the M&S at the Moto services will have far more business than Netto ever will! Bad choice.

Rachel Flanagan: Firstly, we do not need another supermarket in our village. The road infrastructure cannot cope with it. Secondly, we have been misled that this was an upmarket supermarket which clearly Netto is not.

Lizzie Clarke: It would be a real shame if Netto opened in Lymm, it isn't what so many of us are hoping for. It isn't what was proposed!

You can find the petition here.


Article courtesy of the Warrington Guardian.

Tags: netto, supertmarket, shopping

From One Great Village Event To Another and Yet Another

Posted by Alan on Monday, 02 February 2015 at 13:24:27

Filed under: Events, Announcements, Entertainment, Lymm, Festivals, Appeals for Information, Music and nightlife, Transport, Lymm Festival, Village centre

Can’t believe it's February already and only just getting around to posting this brilliant video (made by Colin Grimes) of Dickensian Day. Hats off to the team who put this together and especially choosing to hold it on almost the only dry day of the month.

The video also features the great sound of Lymm’s very own Big Sing choir. Work is already underway on preparing the music for their next performance with none other than Beverley Craven. It is a huge thrill for us to have been able  to tempt a BRIT award winning superstar to appear at our village festival. Mark June 23rd in your diary now.

Talking of great events Beverley Craven will be followed just a few days later by the third Historic Transport Day on Sunday June 28th. If last year’s show was anything to go by it is going to be an amazing day but one where we really need the community as whole to get involved. It takes over 150 part time volunteers on the day to make sure everything runs smoothly. Last year some people chose not to volunteer as they didn’t want to miss any of the show. So this year here’s the deal. Give us just 3 hours of your time sometime between 8am and 7pm on Sunday June 28th and we will have  a free entry wristband for you and your partner or friend and your kids if you have any ! And all our volunteers will get refreshment vouchers, and we’ll invite you to the thank you party. Please put your name down now so we can start to plan another great village day.   

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