Lymm Village Gallery Highlights for 26 June to 03 July 2015

Posted by Neil on Friday, 03 July 2015 at 10:01:01

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On my way down to the pub, i thought this scene looked nice, so i took the shot. - 2 viewsJust another capture taken from the bridge at the start of the day. - 2 viewsLooking forward to a great fun day. - 2 views
Preparing for the day. - 2 viewsMercedes cars heading for the May Queen Field. - 4 viewsStill they keep coming. - 3 views
This shows my age... I remember these! - 3 viewsAnother car in pristine condition. - 2 viewsPlenty to admire here.. - 2 views
These guys were incredible, jumping off roofs and tables and doing lots of other stunts without falling once. - 2 viewsWonderful mascot on the radiator of this beautiful vintage car. - 2 viewsHaving fun when you can, that
Just a Not many cars in pink these days, why not ? i think it looks great , well my grandaughter Faye really does ! - 2 viewsWorld recognised Rolls Royce mascot, always seems to draw a crowd. - 2 views
Chevrolet Corvette absolutely stunning in red !! - 3 viewsAlways popular with the spectators, such a fantastic piece of engineering. - 2 viewsThis splendid machine sometimes needs two experienced mechanics to handle it. - 2 views
Acrylic on canvas - 2 views

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