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Cannabis Farm Found in Lymm

Posted by Neil on Saturday, 31 March 2012 at 18:29:58

Filed under: Crime

Barrier Crash Led Police to Cannabis Farm

A 31yr old man who was growing cannabis in his Lymm home was caught out after crashing his sports car into a barrier on the M56.

Greater Manchester Police had been called out to investigate Paul Skilling’s abandoned MGF sports car which was embedded in a barrier by junction 3A in the early hours of July 17 last year.

Warrington Crown Court heard on Tuesday how another motorist had reported the incident but there was no sign of Skilling the registered owner of the car, at the scene.

No One Home

Officers called at his home in Appleton Mews, at 3.20am that morning to find no one in the property.

Peter Hussey, prosecuting, said: “The light was on, the TV was on and a bottle of wine was opened. They found a very strong smell of cannabis and a small cannabis farm in the loft.”

There they uncovered 15 plants, various cannabis-growing paraphernalia and 30 seedlings. Although he was not around officers left a message for Skilling to get in touch with them.

More than two weeks later Skilling turned himself in to Cheshire Police with his solicitor. Mr Hussey said in interview that Skilling admitted growing the drugs for himself as he was a heavy cannabis user.

The court also heard how he had previously served a five-year sentence for possession with intent to supply cannabis from a conviction 10 years ago.

Brendan O’Neill, defending, said Skilling was hoping to start his own home maintenance and joinery business following a period of unemployment. Skilling was ordered to complete 150 hours’ unpaid work, a six-month supervision order and pay £250 costs.

Article courtesy of Warrington Guardian

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Good Eggs of Lymm Competition

Posted by Neil on Friday, 30 March 2012 at 11:54:58

Filed under: Media gallery, Events, Entertainment, Competitions, Village centre

The Good Eggs of Lymm Competition Update

Further to our recent post about The Good Eggs of Lymm Competition, we've kindly been sent some photographs of the "Good Eggs" themselves! Please also see below for a list of confirmed sponsors.

"Everyone is really getting into the spirit of it"

Information care of Catherine Birkett:

"Here are some photos of some of the amazing eggs that are hatching all around Lymm. Everyone is really getting into the spirit of it! We will be having the presentation for the Good Egg of Lymm 2012 on Good Friday at the Cross at 2pm (after the close of voting on Thursday 5th April).

"We are looking for a local band to play at the presentation but have had no luck so far."

Can You Help?

If any additional Good Eggs out there can help Catherine find a local band that would be fantastic! Please use the comments section below or contact Catherine directly.

Some "Good Eggs"

  • Good Eggs Competition Sponsors 2012 - 0 views
  • Good Eggs Competition Entry 2012 - 0 views
  • Good Eggs Competition Entry 2012 - 0 views
  • Good Eggs Competition Entry 2012 - 0 views
  • Good Eggs Competition Entry 2012 - 0 views
  • Good Eggs Competition Entry 2012 - 0 views
  • Good Eggs Competition Entry 2012 - 0 views
  • Good Eggs Competition Entry 2012 - 0 views
  • Good Eggs Competition Entry 2012 - 0 views
  • Good Eggs Competition Entry 2012 - 0 views

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Lymm Gallery Highlights for 23 March to 30 March 2012

Posted by Neil on Friday, 30 March 2012 at 01:01:00

Filed under: Media gallery, Photography

A Weekly Roundup of the Latest Images and Videos Added to the Gallery

Find out how to add your own images.

45 images have been added in the last week

Thanks to the following contributors:

Click individual images to view or visit the Gallery.


Calm day on the canal - 6 viewsThe new club captain Dave Lowe, with the new vice captain Dan Heaphy on their way to the first tee - 5 viewsSeveral lady members including the lady captain (extreme right) were there to make sure that everything ran well on the day. - 5 views
Vice Captain: Dan Heaphy
Captain: Dave Lowe 
President: Vernon Wragg - 4 viewsOver 100 members turned out to watch the captain tee off on the first tee, and then compete in the competition. - 4 viewsA good strike by the captain sent the ball down the fairway despite the pressure of having all the members watching him - 4 views
Club members enjoying the occasion. - 4 viewsThe President:Vernon Wragg
The Captain: Dave Lowe
Past Captain:Ian Hebenton
Vice Captain: Dan Heaphy - 6 viewsGreat atmosphere all round with the Captain shaking as many hands as possible - 8 views
A view from St. MaryKingsway bridge is a wonderful piece of architecture, and a great subject for a pic. - 7 viewsRemember this with affection, loved the old fish market, the smells, the atmosphere, the people...great !!!! - 9 views
Caught this lot on the Bridgewater canal at Walton, may have been a stag do? - 8 viewsCouldSuch a peaceful place on top of hill cliff. - 9 views
Early morning shot of Bridgfoot in Warrington. - 4 viewsThe lower dam completely snowed under. - 8 viewsLymm covered in snow. - 8 views
Cottages at the lower dam covered in snow. - 9 viewsThe Crosfield Bridge at the back of Lymm Dam. - 8 viewsLovely sunny day, went for a walk, couldn
Another shot of St PeterSo picturesque just couldnSame picture with a slight Jazzy effect added - 9 views
Young swan came cruising up, looking for a tasty morsel. - 5 viewsMaybe if I nibble on the grass heOh well if you
No idea what they do in here, probly something real wacky, like paint boats... - 4 viewsNot gonna ask, canStopped for a minute and this landed in the tree next to me just long enough for one shot, and flew off again - 4 views
Weeping willow by the side of the Bridgewater canal - 4 viewsBeautiful for a few weeks, then deteriorate rapidly - 5 viewsTaking a walk saw this character looking down on me from his perch on a gate post. - 2 views
Not the most photographed, but still very picturesque. - 2 viewsPart of the heritage of the Village, canMarch but it feels like summer. - 5 views
Taken during the hard winter of 2010-2011 - 3 viewsWatercolour painting of Lymm Cross at Christmas. - 24 viewsLooking out from the trees over Lymm Village on a sunny March afternoon. - 19 views
New yellow Spring Daffodils surrounding an old mossy log. - 9 viewsLymm Village Archway with its new 2012 Jubilee Crown. - 15 viewsLooking up at the Jubilee Crown on a sunny March afternoon. - 6 views
Early Spring Bluebells growing in the woods in Lymm. - 5 viewsPale yellow Primroses peeping out of last yearPathway to the Wishing Bridge with sunlight through the trees. - 7 views

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Lymm AFC

Posted by Neil on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 at 08:12:09

Filed under: Sports, Entertainment, Interview

What Do You Know About Lymm AFC?

Personally, I must confess, I was a little ignorant. So I asked Paul from Lymm AFC to enlighten me. Here's what I received, so now we can all learn and maybe some of you might even join!

Do You Run a Local Club

If you would like to feature on the Lymm blog, please contact me or use the comments section below.

Lymm AFC Q & A

Your local men's adult football club Lymm AFC have been an established club for over a century. To find out more about them and the latest news at the club, please see the 'getting to know you' feature below:

Q – What year did Lymm AFC start?

A – Lymm's first football club started in 1911. The club name continued to develop, including being previously known as Lymm Old Boys, and now are known as Lymm AFC.

Q – How many teams do Lymm currently have?

A – They have three adult teams. The 1st and 2nd team consist mainly of young(ish) players with a few older heads, whilst the 3rds (also known as the Veterans) consist mainly of the Lymm Old Boys players. They're not that old though, aging between around 30-50.

Q – What league do Lymm play in?

A – Lymm’s three teams play in the Lancashire Amateur Division, which is a Saturday league. They play teams from across the north west including teams from Southport, Blackburn, Oldham and Bolton.

Q – Where do Lymm play their home games?

A – Lymm 1st and 2nd team play their home games at Sandy Lane, whilst the 3rds play at Sow Brook and/or Radcliffe Hall near Knutsford.

Q – If I wanted to join who do I contact?

A – Lymm are always on the look out for new members who wish to get involved in the club, whether it be people wishing to play or get involved in coaching or sponsorship. In the first instance it would probably best to visit our website and visit the relevant contact details and fill in a request form. Alternatively, prospective players can email directly.

Other Club News

This is the first full year Lymm AFC have launched a web presence and with the assistance of new website sponsors, Solarflair, the club were able to acquire the domain name. A new feature of the website is being launched which sees players from the various teams answer questions on their Lymm AFC experience and memories. Most responses have informative yet humorous content.

We recently switched our post match gathering venue to The Venue in Lymm Village where we have been warmly received.

On the pitch our 1st team find themselves in a relegation battle with only a handful of games remaining in Division Three. The 2nds have had a much improved season in Division Five as they look to reconcile their position in mid-table, which is a far cry from last season when they finished bottom of the table. The 3rd team (Vets) go into the last third of the season looking to win the Sixth Division but face stiff competition with two or three other teams.

This weekend sees the first travel to Blackrod, whilst the 2nds host mid-table Howe Bridge Mills from Wigan. The 3rd team have a crucial home match against fellow title-chasers Thornleigh.

Training sessions are up and running again on Tuesday evenings on Sandy Lane from 6pm. Sandy Frew, the 2nd team manager, usually takes charge of these sessions and continues them throughout the summer. He can be contacted at

The end of season night out will be arranged towards the end of April, beginning of May with a Presentation Awards Night to follow. An announcement will be made on the website shortly.

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Life in Northern Villages

Posted by Neil on Tuesday, 27 March 2012 at 12:14:32

Filed under: General, Village centre

A Visitor's View of Lymm

I stumbled on the following post recently, via Twitter. The author has kindly granted permission to re-post it here.

What do you think of this view of Lymm? And what are your own personal thoughts on Lymm? Let me know using the comments area below! Original post:


So from Hale we headed over to the village of Lymm.  I'd never been to Lymm before although I have occasionally passed through the outskirts, but never made it to the village centre. It's quite easy to miss as the roads tend to bypass the centre and you have to be quick to pick up the signs.

Parking is a bit of a nightmare in this village as the car park isn't that big. We had to park round the back in a nice little housing estate, which is a stone's throw from the centre.

I really didn't know what to expect from Lymm apart from a couple of charity shops, but I really liked what I saw.

Lymm town centre is built on a hill, with a lovely weir at the bottom with gallons of water crashing down from Lymm dam. Oddly at the top of the hill is the Bridgewater Canal with lots of ducks and barges passing by. Lymm must be a popular destination for canal dwellers and tourists as not only it's very pretty, but also full of cafes, restaurants and pubs.

I was pleased to see there were still plenty of pubs still open in Lymm. The one which stood out for me was the Spread Eagle as it looked like it was plucked out of Bavaria and plonked into Lymm. It really had a European look with a big golden eagle looking down menacingly onto the street.

There are some nice coffee shops to wile away an hour or two. One of them had a takeaway and deli attached, which was rather busy when we looked in.

There are two charity shops in Lymm - the International Aid Shop, which closes at 1pm on a Saturday and the St Rocco Charity Shop. As we had lunch in Hale we missed out on the International Aid Shop, which was a shame. Thankfully the St Rocco was still open and it was like a community centre for the old ladies chatting on the comfy chairs. I reckon they had a great view of the street as the shop was high up and could have a good gossip about the people passing by.

We found an old style sweet shop where Neil got some fruit polos to break his teeth on and I got Butlers dark choc mint bar. These type of retro sweet shops are popping up everywhere at the moment, which makes a change from the rash of pound shops that clog up the high streets.  When I see them, I do get flashbacks to the 70s where my the local corner shop in Cheetham Hill used to sell quarters of pear drops from large sweet jars.

According to Wikipedia there is a celebrity contingent resident in Lymm including Ian Brown of the Stone Roses, Tim Booth from James and Matthew Corbett from the Sooty Show. I can quite understand why people would want to live in this lovely, leafy village and given the opportunity I would too.

Lymm is well worth a visit, as I was pleasantly surprised by this little oasis of loveliness.

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